Tracking two Costa Mesa dogs

Today I tracked two dogs from the parking lot near Yoga Works up Harbor Boulevard.

They looked like small St. Bernards - I'm not that up on dog breeds - and hot-tailed out of a parking lot and down the sidewalk. They ran for more than a mile, crossing streets and panting down pavements. I did not see collars on them, but had a feeling they belonged to someone. I almost had them at a tire store, but they kept on moving. So I put a call in to Animal Control - a couple of calls, actually, and kept turning and tracking them.

Finally they turned in to a local motel on Harbor Blvd. I just barely saw them turn off before I doubled back and tracked them again. I called Animal Control again and by this time the officer appeared. The animals were enticed with treats, collared and rescued, put in the event, and hopefully, returned to their owners.

I didn't get the breed but the officer said these were "valuable" dogs which meant someone would be happy to see them again.

Something profound about that rescue, it was no doubt good for the animals and I will not see them or their owners in this lifetime. On another level, I sense the event was for me. I felt guided by Spirit the whole way, even when wondering whether people would relent and allow me to drive slowly with hazards on as I tried to follow these unpredictable creatures.

There is a profound connection I feel with the Spirit realm, and particularly with the telepathic connection I forged with these beings who were clearly out of their element and just following the pavement, thankfully avoiding cars and the busy street as best their instincts allowed. The whole thing happened so spontaneously and in slow-motion, and when we talk about soul contracts before birth, I wondered what emotional threads connected me and these two dogs.

There is a lot more to say about that, too private for this blog, but just to say that the strangest things can happen out of nowhere and they are all for our healing.

Separately, I bought the Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012. That's right, not just for idiots but for complete idiots who want to survive the apocalypse, there's hope. According to the guide, time itself is accelerating. Something about tracking two dogs through the vehicular jungle of Costa Mesa feels in tune with the acceleration of time theme. More on this, later.

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