What happens between lifetimes

Folks, this is really it - what happens between lifetimes. I learned this last night as I was drifting off to sleep (or perhaps waking up).

I had this vision of being somewhere between worlds, perhaps a heaven of sorts, or an intercontinental between-lifetime waiting room. There was a little You Tube like video, and on it was a screenful of images of the lifetime I was about to choose (i.e., the current lifetime, so I must have been somewhere in the "past" of a space-time fold). The little 'play' button read: "Live it." Once you press this button, then that means you have chosen the lifetime -- with all its joys and celebrations and triumphs as well as sorrows and challenges, all for the purpose of educating the soul.

Now I understand what the rabbis say: 'All is forseen, yet free will is granted.' The philosophical seeming contradiction makes perfect sense in light of the Press Play - Live It metaphor. You choose, it is forseen, and yet you have the free will to make the choice.

By way of comparison, 11 years ago, following a near-death experience, I saw myself in a conference room, an architectural studio somewhere between worlds, and some guides and angels were around the table unscrolling a series of blueprints for my life.

And now the technology 'up there' has shifted, has upgraded to the video format, with a button spelling 'Live It' symbolizing the free to choose format. Or maybe my version of the vision has changed in correlation to similar changes in the physical world. As above, so below. In both cases, the guidance comes from the ethers and permeates into physical reality. The true base is within, yielding abundant metaphors and roadmaps though we view them through a lens with which we are familiar.
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