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X-Men, Tikkun Olam, and the Gathering of the Exiles

That is a grand title for a post about gathering people together in community for a healing purpose. I received some inner guidance tonight, from a very powerful source. This was at the meditation program of the Sivananda yoga ashram. The message had to do with meeting various people for a specific purpose to be revealed at some later date. The purpose has to do with healing the Earth and its peoples after a "cataclysm." That was the word that was used. Maybe it is the 'Earth changes' that we are in the midst of or some other calamity that is coming.

It is very strange, when one thinks of that passage in Revelations about two persons standing in the field, and one is airlifted by divine spaceship (or chariot, depending on whether you prefer Ezekiel or von Deiken) up to heaven, while the other perishes.

Today the lead story in one of the papers of the Bahamas told of a man and his wife who had a nice lunch at the local fish pier, then began to drive home, only to be hit by a truck and swept in their car off the road into the ocean. They managed to roll the windows down underwater and swim out, whereby they were rescued by local ships.

Two people in a field and suddenly one is teleported, beamed up as it were while the other remains.

We were speaking of energy fields at the yoga retreat center, and the way some people seemed tuned in and others so disconnected.

And this same afternoon some Florida talk show host named "Savage," meanwhile, was giving a very literal interpretation of Revelations and saying that it clearly points to Israel "incinerating" Iran and Syria. Not a very compassionate message when it comes to the actual people who would suffer from this; and what is the prospect of nuclear war doing on a mainstream talk show, albeit one that mixes a bit of politics and religion?

These are strange times.

And during the pause in the yoga retreat program, we could hear the dolphins from Atlantis calling to us...singing their song, or maybe wailing, from their tanks, where they swim in circles, I suppose, or do tricks, because they have been coralled from their ocean homes and are now objectified and commodified. (We were speaking of animal research also, and how four-leggeds, as they are called in the Native American Indian tradition, are so misunderstood in this age.)

Perhaps they are teaching people in their own way, but to some ears their call carries their sadness, as they have been coerced into spending their lives in a human-manufactured home where they share Adam's curse. (If this does not appeal, read Slaughterhouse Five for a description of a zoo where humans are the interesting objects of ET anthropologists. I read it years ago. Who knows, maybe reading that at young age had as much an effect on later propensity for mystical experience as Hebrew school?)

Certainly the dolphins are calling to us in the night.

Another point...all these themes are interconnected, fused together in some way. During the program, which was on spirituality and science, I was thinking of the X-men, the film of course--not the TV version, which I saw on a plane flight; it had degenerated to fight scenes in which Hugh Jackman, an otherwise talented actor (in my opinion), sports some clearly Hollywood-manufactured talons and, under the X-name of Wolverine, goes off shredding his enemies. What got my attention was the obvious metaphor of the X-people as highly evolved (mutated) individuals with special powers and gifts. We were talking about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in which he opens with a startling proposition. First, yoga is stilling the thought-waves of the mind. And here is the leap: then, and only then, does a person abide in their true nature.

In other words, like psychiatrist R.D. Laing, Patanjali challenges our very definition of "normal" and, rather ingeniously and subversively, asserts that what we think of normal is actually quite limited and dysfunctional, and that, to quote the title of one of Gurdjieff's books, life is really only then, when "I" am. The rest is a bunch of sordid maya--albeit maya that looks and feels every bit as pleasant as The Matrix.

In any event, the function of the Professor in the X-Men film is to gather about (and ultimately found a school to help train) these "mutants" who do not know how to use their special powers. In the film, he asks one of the particularly powerful X-women (a sorceress, if you will, though styled a mutant) whether she is willing to learn to control the flow of power (or Shakti, if you wish) or let it control her. Of course, we cannot control the ineffable, but we do have these valves in place--Freud called it the meditiating force of the ego over the id, to give it one metaphor. And the yogic gifts, the healing powers--the introspection, the centering, the calming, the use of special mantras, the learning to direct energy and healing essence--these things can be channeled from wisdom, in association with the Divine Production Company instead of from ego.

This is the function of the Professor, to gather these exiles and help them: (a) recognize, (b) nurture, and (c) channel their mutant energies wisely.

In some sense, this is what I do, as this is what has been done for me.

That is sufficient for now, except as a coda that I gave someone this book list tonight:

- any book by Robert Munroe on out-of-body experiences

- Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan

- Briefing for a Descent into Hell by Doris Lessing

Somehow, this bridging of law, medicine and ethics has a higher dimension. It is not about being successful in obtaining grant funding or receiving some promotion in academe. The orders clearly come from above. Whatever it may be or become has been assembled and disassembled with such complexity and protean power that I am to glean from this immense life process the true meaning of "make me an instrument." One of the mystical phrases given during the past few yoga retreat programs was, "die before you die." It seems that many people I know are undergoing this process, seeing everything they have learned to identify with as fueling their personal identity dissolve and reconstitute, dissolve and reconstitute. This is a very creative, dynamic time in which we can learn to erect new patterns where old fixidities have been shattered and new forms reawakened.

As we say in yoga: Om Tat Sat
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