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Yoga of Day Trading

Day trading is a yoga practice. And that is why I love it.

As Oliver Velez writes in "Tools and Tactics," it is the agape kind of love for trading that sustains a day trader through every conceivable kind of pain.

As PL says (these are real initials, but they could also stand for Profit and Loss), trading is simple, but not easy. If it was easy, everyone could do it. What's simple are the patterns: you recognize 'em, you trade 'em. What's not easy is following the discipline. And here is where the yoga takes place.

I was reminded by Father Rossner that the Sanskrit root for yoga (yuj) is the same as the Latin root for religion (ligare), meaning to yoke or to bind. Yoga binds us to the truth of our authentic self.

I don't think "trading" has a similar etymology, I haven't checked. But it is a yoga practice, in the discipline it requires, and the reminders that every profit and loss brings: are you yoked to reality, or to fear and greed? Are you in the realm of truth or delusion?

Yesterday and today the Market has been choppy. That is not a problem, if handled correctly. The problem is, my discipline went out the door. Why? Simple. I set too wide a stop on the first trade; the loss threw me off psychologically; I then overtraded, which set up a cycle of more overtrading. Then: the Internet went down then came back and I rebooted; the vaccuum cleaner roared; I missed an entry; there was drilling outside; someone came in and asked if I wanted coffee; I hit the wrong key; something else intruded and I became distracted. Whatever.

Before I knew it, I had violated my plan and reached my daily loss limit ... no, my weekly loss limit.

Note: this is not a typical day, just a bad day. And as PL also says, you are not measured by your good days, but by how you handle your worst. There is the yoga.

And then I stepped away from the keyboard to do an intense yoga practice.

Suddenly, in the middle of a forward bend, the full emotional reality burst through system: I had hit my loss limit! There was something beneath the P&L loss, a deeper loss, a whole series of losses over time - losses from this time, maybe from other times. The point was: I had hit my loss limit. No more losses, God!

Just then the full weight of tears held back from other times came surging through to the surface. I have learned from training in energy healing and other healing arts that it takes strength, courage, to allow painful emotions to come through. It is not a weakness. We call it a release in yoga while others might attach some clinical label. My ducts did their work, and powerful emotions attached to reaching the loss limit surfaced. How could the divine have caused, allowed, whatever verb active or passive, these losses? And from grief came anger: how could the divine allow losses anywhere, of the magnitude we know as humanitarian tragedies?

An upward bow -- two fierce ones -- opening the heart skyward.

'Trading triggers' is a popular phrase, and now trading triggered and yoga released.

That is how real metaphors live in and us and we live in them. Healing is not just about spreading light -- it is about facing darkness, within as well as without. The courage is inner as well as outer.

After the release, the calm, the restorative breath. Whatever was clogging has been cleared out. More clearing to come. And back to fiscal P&L.

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