The Blue Planet Film Festival, held this weekend, Santa Monica, CA, showcases environmental challenges and solutions facing the planet.

Last night’s films included one on a woman who took in a duck that was struggling in an LA pond. This duck needed so much care that she ended up housing him in her city apartment for 2 years, until finally finding him a home with someone who had more green space and ponds and … ultimately another duck who became best friend and companion. The caring between human and animals becomes evident, as well as the animals’ sensitivity to their human caregivers.
Water pollution is the big topic of today. PCBs continue to contaminate our oceans, resulting in the virtual disappearance of some species. Orca whales are being threatened in Puget Sound. there are legacies of toxic dumping, including chemical dumping by Boeing during its build-up from WWII. Chemicals used to seal cracks in concrete contain residues, and runoffs of rainwater into the ocean spew toxic sludge from drainpipes.
Suburban sprawl is also responsible for deforestation, stripping the Earth of valuable trees and confining wildlife to spaces between the concrete.
The film festival eloquently explores the connection between environmental issues, health and healing, and ways to care for our future.