Future Medicine by Michael H. Cohen is an investigation into the clinical, legal, ethical, and regulatory changes occurring in our health care system as a result of the developing field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and particularly integrative and energy medicine. All profits from sales of this book go to a nonprofit charitable organization.   

In Future Medicine, Michael describes the likely evolution of the legal system and the health care system at the crossroads of developments in the way human beings care for body, mind, emotions, environment, and soul.
According to Michael, services involving complementary, alternative, and integrative medical therapies, whether provided in a conventional medical setting, an integrative care clinic, or a spa, should aim to be “clinically responsible, ethically appropriate, and legally defensible.”
Through case studies, he presents stimulating questions that will challenge academics, intellectuals, and all those interested in the future of health care. In concise, evocative strokes, the book lays the foundation for a novel synthesis of ideas from such diverse disciplines as transpersonal psychology, political philosophy, and bioethics.