Guest columnist Laura Stevens discusses proposed Utah legislation that will allow parents to make medical decisions for their children involving CAM therapies that are reasonable and prudent, without fearing retaliation in the form of an abuse and neglect proceeding or action by a state child welfare agency.
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Some may find support for the claim that CAM and conventional care are subjected to a “double standard” for proof of safety and efficacy in a new Minnesota report that 20 people died and four people were seriously disabled in 99 different hospital incidents in 15-month period.
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Audio coverage of the policy report by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use by the American Public will be available through a live audio webcast that will begin at 11:00 am EDT on January 12th.
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It’s important to remember that a variety of personnel may be offering CAM services: physicians; allied health providers (such as nurses); and CAM providers (such as acupuncturists).
Physicians typically get privileges as members of the hospital staff; such privileges will need to be modified to add specified CAM therapies. This may be heavily contested or negotiated with the hospital’s medical executive committee.Continue Reading Credentialing CAM Providers

How Should Hospitals Handle Dietary Supplements? This is a complex question, in part because it requires consideration of patient demands, administrative concerns, legal issues, ethical questions, and provider predilections. Often physicians find themselves in the middle of this complex equation, able to satisfy neither patients, nor their administrators, nor themselves.
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