Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD(hc), friend and colleague, pioneer in the holistic medicine movement, and author of Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer, a critical work in holistic health care, has written some important, new books offering new approaches to personal health. Check out Sound Mind, Sound Body and Stress Free for Good, both of which received outstanding reviews.
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What does the film I, Robot have to do with complementary medicine law, policy, and ethics?
A lot. In addition to giving us a sneak preview of what our world may look like as robots begin to live and walk among us, the film essentially poses two seminal questions: what is the proper relationship of humans to machines? And conversely, what is the proper relationship of machines to humans? Both questions ask whether the two-way relationship will (or should) be resolved by force of law (Detective Spooner thinks so), by ethical rules hard-wired into every robot’s “brain” (the chairman of U.S. Robotics and Detective Spooner’s superior think so), or by healing conversations between the species (what??? more about this below).Continue Reading I, Robot

My reviews will be idiosyncratic and focused on books and films tying together issues of complementary and alternative medicine, health care, ethics, law, and spirituality; I will pick up a few elements that correspond to themes in my work or trigger further reflection. Two things stood out for me in Michael Moore’s film, Fahrenheit 9/11: curses; rule of the techno-mind’s violence. What captures my attention in the film is not politics, but currents of spiritual energy, as I try to connect the dots of what is happening to our world as it pertains to definitions of health and human evolution.
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Read Lonely Planets: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Lifeby David Grispoon (New York, HarperCollins, 2003) to learn about the new field of astrobiology–the legitimate child of the the “thirty-five-year courtship” between astronomy and biology–and how it answers the question: “Hello? Is anyone out there?”
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