Here is a list of FAQs regarding Law Offices of Michael H. Cohen.

Q: Who are your typical clients?
A: Our law firm’s typical clients include:
• Clinicians such as MDs, RNs, PTs, OTs, and other allied health professionals
• Clinicians or entreprentues starting medical spas and integrative care centers
• DCs, LAcs, LMTs, NDs, and other complementary care providers in these centers
• Dietary supplement manufacturers
• Individuals forming corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and small business entities
• Law firms and lawyers seeking expert advice or expert testimony
• Medical centers and other educational institutions
• Health plans designing CAM benefit packages
• HMOs, PPOs, MCOs, other insurance organizations
• Medical spas
• Integrative medicine clinics
• Membership organizations and associations
• Nursing homes, home health, hospices, labs
• Policy and consumer advocacy groups
• Patients and their families
• Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
Q: Can you give me an idea of some of your recent clients and the kind of projects in which you’ve represented them?
A: Recent clients and projects include:
•A West Coast-based MD opening an integrative clinical care center with practitioners from other conventional and complementary care disciplines.
• The inventor of a medical device (patent pending) drafting a 513(g) letter seeking FDA classification of the product as a Class I medical device.
• An attorney representing a provider of homeopathic and naturopathic remedies facing FDA enforcement and criminal investigation.
• Consultation to an international law firm through preparation of an expert report focusing on complementary, alternative and integrative medicine regulatory issues in a medical board disciplinary action involving a physician who integrates CAM therapies in clinical care within a specialized medical clinic.
• One of the largest integrative clinical care facilities implementing comprehensive clinical care programs, redesigning billing and coding strategies, and planning strategic expansion into other geographic markets.
• An executive funding, designing, and planning a large, privately-run, integrative clinical care facility.
• An attorney representing the estate of an individual fatally injured through allegedly negligent care in a wellness clinic.
• One of the premier manfacturers of Asian herbal products with sales to licensed acupuncturists and practitioners of traditional oriental medicine.
• A multi-site, massage therapy educational institution initiating a local, regional, and national strategy to develop government relations, legislation, and policy within the industry.
• A physician designing and implementing a Web-based, e-commerce site for information about herbal care and dietary supplements within his or her field of specialty.
• A chiropractor negotiating an employment contract with a major East Coast hospital.
• A California-based, health maintenance organization (HMO) in contractual matters and proposed expansion to the Southwest.
• A patient seeking to negotiate compensation in a dental malpractice case.
• An international trading company, selling and distributing police evidence collection vehicles and forensic equipment to the China market.
• A dentist defending against disciplinary charges by a professional board for inclusion of integrative and energy medicine.
• A spa consulting firm creating business models for hospitals interested in building medical spas in collaboration with a larger health care organization’s administrative structure.
• An eye surgeon running a LASIK vision center negotiating sale of intellectual property rights and royalties for development and commercialization of eye-care products.
Q: What will it cost to hire your firm?
A: The answer depends on the complexity of the project. Each client’s situation is different. Although we have experience estimating what it will take to address a given situation, and can share that estimate with you, to offer satisfactory representation it is not possible to offer guarantees, as the scope of the representation can change in either direction when together we refine the issues we want to address.
Q: What are your exact fees?
A: We prefer to address this by phone, but briefly: our rates are relatively modest in view of our expertise, and, to make that more concrete, are less (sometimes much less) than you will find charged by partners in law firms in most major U.S. cities. Also, our staffing is lean so we work as efficiently as possible.
Q: Where are you licensed?
A: We represent clients from all across the United States, and from abroad. Relatively few U.S. lawyers have Bar memberships in more than one, or at the most two states, although large firms have multi-jurisdictional practices, and disclose on their letterhead where their attorneys are members of the Bar. In our firm, Michael H. Cohen is an active member of the Bar in California, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington, D.C. He also maintains a part-time affiliation with Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Alan Dumoff is an active member of the Bar in Maryland.
Q: What is your training in complementary medicine?
A: You can read Michael H. Cohen’s bio on the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog, as well as Alan Dumoff’s.
Q: What else do you do?
A: We run the Law Offices of Michael H. Cohen and the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog. We are also involved in cutting-edge research in health law and policy focusing on integrative and energy medicine, and in speaking all over the country about legal issues in complementary and integrative medicine. Our books and articles offer the latest thinking on frontier topics.
Q: How can I contact your offices by email?
A: We like to focus our time responding to our clients’ needs. If you wish to contact Michael H. Cohen regarding speaking or legal representation, please call the law office at 617-825-3368 and leave your telephone number and the best times to reach you.
Q: How soon can I expect to hear back from you?
A: Every client is a priority client. We usually respond to voicemail messages within 24 hours of receipt (and usually much sooner than that).
Good luck in your business, and in all your endeavors! We look forward to hearing from you.
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