“Decaf coffee is often not totally caffeine-free, a new study shows.”

“In fact, while these beverages have far less caffeine than a cup of regular coffee, they still may have enough of the stimulant to cause physical dependence on them.”
Like “fat-free” and other labels. Chemically squeezing a substance out of something doesn’t render it healthy and neutral anymore than the label “natural” does the same.
This study “tested the caffeine content of decaf from 10 different coffee establishments. Only one — Folger’s Instant — contained no caffeine. The rest contained anywhere from 8.6 milligrams (mg) to 13.9 mg for a 16-ounce cup, the team reports in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology.”
Even Starbucks shots of decaf were found to have significant amounts of caffeine, and these varyign widely.