“The age of personalized medicine is on the way,” reported the New York Times in “A Special Drug Just for You, at the End of a Long Pipeline.”

Scientists have long predicted that the future of medicine will include routine DNA testing to see what drugs will be most effective to treat a given disease.
According to the article (Nov. 8, 2005):
“Increasingly, experts say, therapies will be tailored for patients based on their genetic makeup or other medical measurements. That will allow people to obtain drugs that would work best for them and avoid serious side effects.”
Alternative medicine has critiqued biomedicine for making therapies generic, treating “populations” rather than whole beings who are individuals. Modalities such as Tibetan pulse diagnosis and Ayurvedic treatments claim to offer patients individualized assessment and therapy rather than lumping humans together under the rubric of scientific generalizations. The era of personalized medicine may change that, making scientific medicine as precise and targeted to the individual as the ‘holistic’ practitioner’s individual nutritional consultation.