Googled recently did I (that’s “Yoga grammar”) under spiritual attorney Newport Beach and found Michael H. Cohen pop up.

Privacy has truly been eroded down to nothing. I was in a bookstore reading ‘How to Disappear,’ only it wasn’t written by Harry Potter, it was from a wealth management consultant advising the ultra-rich how to get off the radar.
But if you want get noticed, and have 15 nanoseconds plus of fame, you do need to be googable. Usually I am on the map as holistic health attorney, alternative medicine lawyer, complementary medicine and health care law or legal, or some other such combination.
(People have even searched for decaffinated coffee).
I’ve also drawn people who are looking for a lawyer who is “green.” That I am, as long as clients don’t mind the antennas.
Insert smiley emoticon here.
Now what would the ancestors have thought about emoticons? Millions of years to develop spiritual psychology and the human brain, and we’re reduced to texting emoticons.
Know what I mean? 🙂
Anyway, keep smiling, and keep amping up the efforts to individualize, distinguish, and cull a separate identity from among the billions of us sharing the same protons and electrons and gluons and who knows what else. We’re all one, after all, and google binds us in the light of being able to discover common kinship.
Meawhile, the Newport Beach Orange County Los Angeles San Diego Riverside Costa Mesa Huntington etc. spiritual yoga holistic entrepeneurial business health law Harvard decaffinated coffee green holistic health integrative medicine and other important keywords lawyer continues to blog.
Michael H. Cohen is a California lawyer, New York attorney, Massachusetts lawyer, and Washington, D.C. lawyer and providing business legal advice to entrepreneurs, and health care law advice to businesses and clinicians in the wellness industry. He represents individual entrepreneurs whose businesses are taking off vertically. He also advises medical spas and integrative medicine clinics, physicians, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, massage therapists, energy healers, nutritionists and herbalists and others, as well as companies with new technologies including quantum, resonance, and other bio-energy devices. He is also known as a spiritual lawyer, because of his interest in numerous alternative medicine modalities, and in advising entrepreneurs and businesses with legal advice that is grounded yet intuitive. Read the Entrepreneur’s Legal Toolkit for legal issues affecting small, medium, and emerging businesses. To speak with a lawyer about health care law issues pertaining to complementary and alternative medicine, or to consult a business lawyer about legal issues for entrepreneurs and new enterprises that are organizing or seeking investors, contact the Law Offices of Michael H. Cohen today.