But fortunately your robot is watching you.

Science fiction (I Robot)? No. Reality. The Autonomous Personal Robot is:

designed to “monitor its owner for symptoms of distress,” with sensors to detect smoke, heat, temperature and carbon monoxide.
Accordingly, the APSR is equipped with broadband internet and an MP3 player so it can deal with such crises as they arise.

He (she) is already patented.
I would think the holistic health professional would want his or her robot to also monitor acupuncture meridians, flow of chi, chakra hot and cold spots, auric variations, and other levels of imbalance on the subtle channels. We should also add aromatherapy (including Rescue Remedy for that stressful situation), massage therapy, detoxification suggestions, and healing mantras.
For those who want to improve on the original design.
Now if we could only program the robot to radiate healing energy as well. Which prompts the question of consciousness again — do robots have souls? How does one program radiation of healing energy — then again, how do we humans learn how to do it, and what are we channeling anway? Someday we’ll have to figure out the “mechanism” of this “energy” anyway.
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