Hospital executive Paul Levy of Beth Israel Deaconess runs a blog on health care, medicine, hospitals, and whatever else falls in those domains.

Congratulations and well-done. At least one hospital executive is looking at what’s done well and what is done horrifically so that change can be made.
Comments on the blog have to be moderated, which is probably a good idea to avoid spam, so we will get a selective uptake on the institution from the top.
There’s a post today on fixing remote controls for the television sets. This is a good idea in terms of efficiency, but I would go a bit deeper and ask whether these tv boxes really help patients heal. Sure, there’s entertainment and distraction, the theory goes, but what about the distracting effect on people who heal in silence?
There’s also a question — unanswerable, no doubt, though there will be passionate opinions — as to whether television enhances or diminishes spirituality … and how important it may be to retain and magnify one’s spiritual center, however expressed, from the hospital bed.

Future Medicine
tackles this question, and the author’s bias is evident, for various reasons, including a personal near-death experience.
In any event,this probably isn’t the question a hospital CEO probably would typically address … although he or she arguably should, as it may be one of the most important questions affecting patients … alongside those of care for the body.