Paralleling social currents of political and economic reform are additional experimentation with mind-body therapies by a group of individuals from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia studying therapies such as Reiki, Touch for Health, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and other CAM modalities.

They are doing so not as practitioners but for personal growth.
Here, CAM therapies are not necessarily viewed in terms of their clinical value–as preventative medicine per se–but for personal growth and development. These persons, from every profession and walk of life (i.e., everything from medicine to the armed forces) are bringing a new lightness to bear and a curiosity about the interface between psychology and spirituality where personal healing and planetary healing can occur.
All this in the context of an Islamic culture, in a place of deep faith, in a bursting of heart and spirit both honoring the past and looking to the future.
One of these new friends remarked of a dream about a mosque in which persons of different faiths would pray. This feels very real to me as a prediction of the future–the notion that peoples of all faiths would feel comfortable addressing their God in any place that is holy.
At the far end of complementary medicine, the deep end where mystics meet, this vision of the future seems a place in which healing truly becomes transcendental and transpersonal, unifying souls in the space of divine consciousness.
More to unfold in coming days.