Colleague and friend Kathi Kemper, MD is founder and chairman of a new section of the American Academy of Pediatrics devoted to complementary and alternative medicine.

Dr. Kathi Kemper, who’s also written a book called “The Holistic Pediatrician,” will chair the Section for Complementary, Holistic and Integrative Medicine.
The section is the first new one approved by the pediatrics organization in three years. Doctors from across the United States and Canada have joined.
“We support the mission of the AAP by integrating evidence-based, safe and effective complementary therapies into pediatric practice and educating physicians and families about the research on commonly used complementary therapies,” Kemper said in a news release.
According to Kemper, complementary therapies are used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Holistic medicine is concerned with the care of the whole child — body, mind, emotions and spirit — within his or her family, culture and community. Integrative medicine focuses on wellness and healing of the whole person and concentrates on empowering patients and their families.
Integrative medicine includes everything from mainstream medical practices, herbs and dietary supplements to prayer and spiritual healing.
A fifth to two-fifths of healthy children and more than half of children with chronic conditions use complementary therapies, the medical center news release says.
Collaborative work with Kathi Kemper, MD