Ujayi, Juris Dog, passed a special oral exam, becoming the first four-legged attorney in recorded history.

“I am pleased to be member of the firm,” Ujayi said, “and to celebrate my passage of the Bar exam.” Ujayi became a full partner in the Law Offices of Michael H. Cohen but only recently passed his boards. “This is a great honor and I am grateful to the authorities for scoring my exam and allowing me entrance,” Ujayi added. “I promise to zealously represent my clients and advocate using my skills and accelerated perception of human affairs.”
Just kidding. Ujayi is a golden retriever, and typically spends his time chasing sticks and enjoying his many friends. However, he is a yogi dog, which means that likes to stretch out on any yoga mat that is placed before him, and he is exceptionally well behaved in Chambers.