It’s great to use leverage to grow a business.

One way we do this in Prepaid Legal is by placing new associates.

This is not too difficult a logistic.  I’ve put the following information for my team.

Hello team,

Some of you already have 3 “frontline” members/associates, so what you can do now as you continue to grow your organization is to “place” a new associate underneath your existing frontlines. 

It’s a good strategy to build in a straight line down until you find your leader who can then fan out and become a Manager, then a Director.

This is all stuff I learned from Liz. It’s advanced logistics and only comes into play once you are a Manager. But envision it wherever you are and quantum reality will make it so.

Here’s the detail:

1)    Go to your back office (, associates only login)

Account Settings

Associate Settings

Change your settings from “automatic” to “manual” – this lets you MANUALLY place associates underneath someone else on your team.

2)    From now on your setting should be on manual.

To place your new associate, look where it says – "place associates now"

Place the associate under the “sponsor” (existing associate) you designate

If the associate you want doesn’t show up on the list, you have to scroll down and repopulate the list so the associate you want shows up, then do the placement

Remember, you only get 48 hours from the time the signup registers on the PPL website to place a new associate, so if you try to leverage this so as to add new recruits, be mindful of the time and try to get everything done early. If you want to know about leveraging new recruits, ask me or Liz.

Happy recruiting, and remember that Liz has more tips at!

Speaking of which, we can still go Exec Dir by Palm Springs – and there’s a cruise on the table if we do. Check out Liz’s details, and her benchmarks at Goals to Go ED! (5 KPI).doc.



Michael H. Cohen is an independent Associate with Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

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