Believe it or not, one of my associates "did some research" and ended up with "skepticism" about Prepaid Legal.

Skepticism is natural.  It’s even fun.  Believe me, I spent 5 years in the heartland of skepticism!  Put someone trained as an energy healer on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and sit him through endless meetings of doctors and scientists and you are talking to someone who understands skepticism!

Plus, the other side of my training is as an attorney.  We each skepticism with every vitamin for law school breakfast.

The antidote to skepticism is conviction.

But I have always been a rebel, refusing to swallow any orthodoxy.  So simply holding on to the tail of the tiger of belief is not my thing.

In MLM we talk about raising one’s belief level.  Of course, the people who drank kool-aid in Jonestown raised their belief level, and look where it got them.  To the next world, of course – the fast way.

One’s belief level has to be raised by facts as well as passion.  There is a balance between reason and emotion, just like those old debates between Spock and McCoy.

The two pieces of "evidence" cited for "skepticism" were complaints on the Internet – as if people don’t gripe and whine about everything through the Internet; you can take anything and find out that it ‘sucked’ for somebody.  People who: (1) didn’t like the advice they got from their lawyers, and (2) said they had a hard time getting their money back.

I can tell you that not everyone likes the advice they get from an attorney!  Many times people find out they made a huge mistake not consulting an attorney in the first place! And that cost them beaucoup bucks later.

Now whose mistake is that? Had that person had the ability to consult a provider law firm before making a costly legal mistake, would that not have been an incredible opportunity? Would you not feel proud to share that opportunity with friends, family, and everyone you know? Would you not believe you are providing access to the justice system by giving the chance for a member to experience that for $26 per month, instead of $500 per hour?

On the second front, the PPL membership is month-to-month – don’t believe me, read your contract.  Is this or is this not easier to cancel if you have a gripe than any other membership — and if you have trouble canceling those other memberships, isn’t it useful to keep this one so you have a law firm on your side in case you need a little more ammo?

Would a company as transparent as PPL struggle to keep the last $26 you might ever give it, or want to keep your satisfaction as a lifelong customer? Being in business, I know what is more important to me.  I want clients for life.

Is this a fly-by-night company that will disappear tomorrow (like so many MLMs), or has it been around for about four decades?

What is the absolute worst that can happen if someone is unsatisfied with their PPL membership? Suppose you marketed a membership and the person gripes about the legal advice received.  They cancel their membership, and presto, have the option of either ‘figuring out their legal problems for themselves’ (good luck), or, hiring an attorney whose hourly fee could exceed the monthly membership for Prepaid Legal.

Would you cancel your auto insurance because you dislike your broker, or your health insurance if you dislike a particular doctor? Go ahead and join the declining ranks of the uninsured, if federal law even allows you to.

So is Prepaid Legal a scam?

Let me give you my opinion.  The biggest scam is people scamming themselves out of a life of possibility by the words they speak, the energy they put out, the disappointment, frustration, and debilitation with which they surround themselves.  If you swim in negativity, what will you attract?

Associating myself with others in the Prepaid Legal business has made me realize, more than any of the zillions of spiritual and psychological practices I have followed over several decades, how important it is to implant positive habits, attitudes, moods, thoughts, and dreams, and how the most important thing we can do right now to raise consciousness on the planet is to lift ourselves up out of the muck of negativity and give ourselves permission to attract, magnetize, embody, and live out loud the magnificent beauty that we are.

To quote Mr. Stonecipher’s talk at the Oklahoma convention 2010:


Mr. Stonecipher began his message with a famous soliloquy pondered by playwright William Shakespeare’s character Hamlet, “To be or not to be!” This is a question that many of us ask ourselves at one time or another, Mr. Stonecipher said. “This is a basic challenge of life. Unfortunately, most people choose not to be. Mostly people only choose to exist, and as a result, never truly are. We were put here and given the ability to become something more than we are when we arrive,” he said. Everyone is designed to go somewhere in life reaching higher levels until the end of our time, he said.

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PPL is rated A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

Says BBB:



This company markets legal service plans that include attorney consultation, will preparation, traffic violation defense, automobile-related criminal charges defense, letter writing, document prepartion and review and a general trial defense. Additionally, the firm offers programs to protect members from identity theft and other security services. These programs and services are marketed through a system of independent sales associates throughout the United States and Canada under the guidance of the home office as part of a multi-level marketing program. Like any business opportunity, the success or failure of the enterprise depends on the individual’s aptitude, enthusiasm, and ability to apply him- or herself to the project within the rules of the company and its supporting programs.




Michael H. Cohen is an independent associate with Prepaid Legal.