Here is my protocol for new associates in Prepaid Legal.

  1. Send them this welcome email:

    Welcome to the Prepaid Legal family!

    Here is information to get you started right:




    I am also copying members of your upline support team. As you’ll learn, there is a lot of support for you in this business.

    It looks like there are Business Briefings and Core Trainings in the Phoenix [or insert the appropriate] area listed on this site: [or use other relevant site]. These are great places to plug in to positive associations with like-minded people who can help you grow your business.

    Let’s follow up by phone in the next day or so after you’ve had a chance to review these links so we can help you get started.

    Once again, congratulations on taking this new step forward,

  2. Add them to my Team Email List.
  3. Add them to my Build Lasting Success contact manager as Associates.
  4. Add them to my organizational chart.
  5. Schedule the initial call to go over the Game Plan worksheet.
  6. Place the associate under the relevant existing team member – or before placing, use the associate’s entry as a way to leverage those who are sitting on the fence.

That’s it!