Here is information for new associates on some logistics to help you get started right.

Again, the most important thing for a new associate to do is to develop a list of contacts and schedule a private business reception (PBR) to get the first promotion.  Check out the training for new associates here

The next most important thing is to plug into the Core Training as fast as possible.  Let the top earners train your new associates instead of you having to do so. If you’re in Southern California you can find the Core Training by visiting If you’re elsewhere, you’ll find the right location through your "back office."

"Back office" means go to and login under "Associates Only."  If you’re a new associate, you’ll need your "pin number" to set up the site the first time–this should have been emailed to you, and if you can’t find it, the system will prompt you with a phone number to call.

Once you’re in the site, check out the new online marketing materials and get familiar with your "back office" in general.  Also:

  • Set up your prepaid legal email to forward to your regular email.  You’ll see the email button at the top left.
  • Go to Account Settings – Customize your Websites.  This lets you customize your “hub” to add your photo.  If you have the e-service, this lets you enroll members and associates online (for example, click on the coffee cup).
  • Go to Account Settings – change your placement setting from Automatic to Manual (this lets you “place” associates under your three frontlines as you build your organization down the road). 

All of this is pretty much explained in more detail by Prepaid Legal in a description of the e-service setup.

Here are two more useful tools:

By the way, Team Enlightenment means an enlightened group of leaders … We can all be enlightened – all we need to do is lighten up!  Let’s get lighter and brighter and come aboard!