Here is information to help you get started in your new journey to success.

 Welcome to the team! 

  • Here is a one-page sheet ("Phase 1" of "10 Phases to Freedom") to help you get started right. Call me or your immediate upline to help you go through this document.
  • The most important thing for a new associate to do is to develop a list of contacts and schedule a private business reception (PBR) within the next few days, to get paid and promoted.  Check out the training video.  You can also enjoy other new associate training videos at under "new associates." 
  • Print a hard copy of the 10 Core Commitments. These exist to help you grow your business.  You’ll see among these a suggestion to commit to being here a year from now.  Also, commit to at least one weekly Business Briefing or Core Training (and hopefully both) a week.  The Core Training gives you the skills to grow your business; the Business Briefing is where you see you a professional power-point presentation that helps educate you and your guests about the advantages of the membership and business opportunity.  These give you valuable information; provide warm, helpful (and possibly lifelong) associations with  the most successful people in the business, and sustain your positive mental attitude. 
    • Our LA-based team attends the Monday night Core Training at the Proud Bird near LAX (7-9:30pm), and the Thursday night Business Briefing there (7-8:30pm), and we also like to meet before each event for dinner at 5:45 pm here
    • If you’re in Orange County, our team meets at the Chinese Cultural Center, 9 Truman, in Irvine for Tuesday’s Business Briefing (7-8:30pm) and for dinner at 6 pm here. For those in Irvine, Core Trainings in Orange County are on Thursday night.
    • If you’re in Southern California, Business Briefings and Core Trainings are listed at
    • If you’re elsewhere in the U.S., you can find your local team meeting by going to your back office here, then clicking on Events & Training, then Area Meetings and scrolling down to your state.

Although a live training is ideal, you can also find great 5-10 minute online video trainings in your back office, again under Events & Training (click on online training).  There are many short topics, presented by the best in the business, and are easy to access anytime.

  • Plug into these Team Freedom weekly calls to support your growth:

WHEN: Sun. & Weds. TIME: 6:45pm Pacific CALL: (712) 432-9611, pin 122948. REPLAY: (712) 432-9223 x 6

  • Last, see whether you want any tools (business cards, brochures, flips charts, and so on) to grow your business. You can also get the free build lasting success website to help you market.

 We look forward to helping you get paid and promoted right away!

To your success!