Here are some up-to-date links to resources in the CAM, Legal, and Holistic Health community.

Included below are are friends whose tenacity, vision, and warmth I deeply respect. Also included are organizations in which we have mutually agreed to a link exchange; no endorsement for services for products is implied.
Law Firms
Clayson, Mann, Yaeger & Hansen , Corona, California: a full service business, real property and civil trial law firm.
CAM/Integrative Care News and Resources
Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier: The Best Alternative Medicine
HealthWorld Online: an on-line resource center for holistic healthcare. HealthWorld was founded by Jim Strohecker, a man whose compassion and wide-ranging intelligence I admire.
Alternative medicine news feeds: Receive on-line news feeds about alternative medicine topics. Or, receive on-line news feeds about health.
StepNewz: Syndicate the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog or keep up to date on the latest news published on your favorite blogs. The Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog also has a complementary and alternative medicine law news feed on the site’s posting of health news.
Personal Injury Lawyer
Alternative Medicine Resource Aid
Turning Point Acupunture: Conceived by a a physician trained in both Eastern and Western Medicine, to adapt Traditional Chinese Medicine to the needs of contemporary urbanites.
Consulting Organizations
Spa Hospitality WorldWide: spa business model consulting. Katie Hurley, Vice President, is a saavy, talented leader in the medical spa industry who is developing new business models to help spas plan and thrive.
The Consortium for Holistic Studies, run by friend and colleague Marge Cohn, offers wellness center development, HMO and hospital based educational programs, and information and resources.
Suzanne Lahl: Suzanne offers retreats connecting with the “knowledge and power of your Soul.” With an MA in Organization Development and a BA in Speech Communication, Suzanne also brings knowledge from transpersonal psychology, energy medicine, nutrition, contemplative practices, and shamanism to her work. Suzanne’s coaching has been invaluable.
NCMIC has offered insurance to Doctors of Chiropractic since 1946. NCMIC’s President is friend and colleague Louis Sportelli, DC, former president of the World Federation of Chiropractic and a co-author of Professional Chiropractic Practice: Ethics, Business, Jurisprudence, and Risk Management.
Integrative Medicine Docs and Clinics
Dr. Eddy Integrated Medical Clinic. This Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School is “combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner,” addressing such health concerns as: “food and allergy management through the use of Integrated medical therapy, Environmental Medicine, General Family Medicine, Ayurvedic cure, Panchakarma, Chronic Fatigue, ADHD, autism, Fibromyalgia, Candidacies, Natural Thyroid Replacement, Weight loss, Lyme Disease, Irritable Bowel Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Intestinal Dysbiosis, as well as trigger point therapy using Neural Therapy.”
Living Suite Glenn D. Wollman, MD is an integrative care pioneer in Santa Barbara, California.
More Links and Resources
APM Formulators: Family medicine from a biblical worldview.
Saba Photos. Saba K. Alhadi does fabulous photos, like this one of Ujayi and me (mostly Ujayi) Ujayi CloseUp-5.jpg. She also does weddings, family events, celebrations of all kinds, and unique Photo Walks of
historical sites, revealing the secrets of innovative photography techniques that transform your photographs into works of art.
Holistic Pro. Holistic Pro offers resources to help the holistic and complementary health care professional therapist build the best practice possible.
Inkwood Graphic Design. Check out Mrs. Hoffman’s Milk Chocolates, Sunlight, and Joe & Roger’s Raisins, and you’ll see why this in a great place for graphic design.
Radio Publicity Expert Alex Carrroll shows you how to leverage publicity through the airwaves. I’ve learned a lot from his tips.
Aurora Winter has written Struggling and Soaring with Angels: Healing A Broken Heart to help those coping with loss. Read an excerpt of her journey.
Urban Shamanism Using the powerful and practical tool of shamanism, work in collaboration with Spirit to help unfold into your authentic, powerful and joyous self.
More Alternative, Complementary and Integrative Medicine Resources
Stanley E. Harris, MD is a USC-affiliated psychiatrist whose practice includes integrative medicine.
Wholistic Healing Research and the International Journal of Healing and Caring are written by a medical doctor who reviews the world literature on healing and shares his experiences with healing. Websites include research in spiritual awareness and healing, extensive healing studies references, books, articles, links, lectures and workshops by site moderator, physician Daniel J Benor, MD.
Liability Insurance Research Easy: Lot of links to information about liability insurance including medical liability insurance and more.
Wilcox & Wilcox: An Arizona law firm.
More Links
The Weekly Beet (diet and nutrition)

See also professional associations, case studies, legal and regulatory resources, journals, articles, a guide to legal issues for clinicians, and other resources.