The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has convened a Committee on Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) by the American Public. The Committee is charged with the following:

1. Describe the use of CAM therapies by the American public, providing a comprehensive overview, to the extent data are available, of the therapies in wide-spread use, the populations that use them, and what is known about how they are provided.
2. Identify major scientific, policy and practice issues related to CAM research, and the translation of validated therapies into conventional practice.
3. Develop conceptual models or frameworks to guide public and private sector decision-making as research and practice communities confront the challenges of conducting research on CAM, translating research findings into practice and addressing the distinct policy and practice barriers inherent in that translation.
In addition to serving the Committee as Consultant, Michael presented to the Committee in its June 2003 meeting on Licensure, Scope of Practice, and Regulation of CAM Therapies.