Persons interested in luxury feline accommodations will be glad to know of the Blue Cat Farm Spa in New London, New Hampshire.

Host Judy Belden is quite the cat sleuth, profoundly understanding their inner nature and giving them a great quality of life. Cats luxuriate in spacious, safe accomodations with beautiful sunrise and sunset lake views; they even get daily catnip at 2 pm. For those who love their furry friends I highly recommend this healing environment which is full or respect and love for one’s four-legged soul-family.
Also for those close to Boston the Pawsitive Dog has excellent classes. I don’t think of these in terms of “obedience” (after all, who is “obeying” whom?). The Pawsitive Dog’s mission is to help cultivate a lifelong positive relationship with your dog. Now that’s something to which we should aspire with any creature, especially our faithful animal companions.