The U.S. law blog has ranked the complementary and alternative medicine law blog.

Not sure what the ranking means, but it sounds good. Here’s their blurb:

Information for health care professionals on a broad array of legal issues including business planning for integrative medicine practices, malpractice & informed consent, licensure & scope of practice issues, food & drug topics, and health insurance.
By Michael H. Cohen, Esq.

That sounds like it was written by a real live human.
This just in: a negative review of one of books – the first I’ve found. “Not exactly beach reading” is one of the criticisms. Ouch! If you like Proust and Kandisky, you can certainly read my books at the beach. Go figure someone will defend the ‘medical establishment,’ whatever that might be…..
Here’s an entry from the ABA Law Journal:
Complementary & Alternative Medicine Law Blog

This blawg “offers new perspectives on medicine and the way legal boundaries shape healing.” There are also posts covering medical news and research, as well as news and daily life in the Caribbean.
Author: Michael H. Cohen practices law in Cambridge, Mass., and is the founder of the Institute for Integrative and Energy Medicine. He is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Boca Raton, Fla., and a trained yoga instructor.

Good Lord, my secret identity as lawyer who is also a healer, revealed by the legal establishment. I’ll have to be okay with it. I do admit to tree-hugging, and headstands in airports.
Fortunately, this is also included: “Blawg Related Categories: Health Law • Solos/Small Firms • Solo / Small Firm.” Very mainstream.
Medfinds has a similar description with a different bio:

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog offers legal resources and information for professionals and organizations in the health care industry, focusing on medical spas and hospitals and clinics offering holistic, complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog is managed by attorney Michael H. Cohen, JD, MBA, an attorney who specializes in business law, health care law, and legal services for complementary, alternative, integrative medicine.

It’s amazing how many variations of ourselves we can have on the Web.
Then again: “that for which you are looking is that which is doing the looking.” Back to witness consciousness for now.