Casino Royale, the new James Bond film, premieres soon, and MI-6 “agents” (extras) are gathering in the Bahamas for a viewing.

(Not the real MI-6 agents, but the cast and crew who participated in the filming).
Most of us were “background action,” chasing helicopters, wearing earpieces, or grimly carrying briefcases. I was a forensic agent cleaning up the aftermath of something grim from the bad guys.
“Madagascar” in the film was shot a building or two down the beach from where we walked Ujayi, our golden retriever, every day.
The only alternative, complementary, or integrative part of the experience is the excitement of being part of such an amazing project, seeing actors in their down-time, just being regular folks. They were certainly amiable enough: Daniel Craig in his V-neck, Judy Dench as “M,” repeating the same couple of lines over and over across different takes.
If my screen test ever makes it to Hollywood, it will be impressive to see how much Method acting I packed into the line: “Road construction.” Have to see how the guy who got picked played the part.
The director did tell us, “very natural,” as we walked around the body (a very able stunt person who was wrapped up in a hammock, spattered with wet sand), noting forensic details. Having seen the trailer, the film is so action-packed it’s hard to believe we’ll spot very much, and both Albany House, the Nassau location for MI-6 headquarters, and
Madagascar, look completely transformed.
Can’t give away any details or spoilers … will look forward to the opening night, and to the reunion with the Swiss bankers and others who played MI-6.
Here’s the official site.