If it’s the end of the world as we know it, then what does the new world bring in terms of opportunities for health, healing, prosperity, and fulfillment – and how can the law support this new ushering in?

That may seem like an odd preoccupation, but it’s the subject of my book, Future Medicine: Ethical Dilemmas, Regulatory Challenges, and Therapeutic Pathways to Health Care and Healing in Human Transformation.

As early as 1995, I wrote:

The debate over health care reform has challenged pivotal assumptions about the way Americans care for themselves and their families. For example, the possibility of health care rationing has challenged the assumption that a patient receives all the care necessary to regain health. 1 Similarly, advances in medical technology have challenged the assumption that nature sets the bounds of birth 2 and death. 3 Many diseases lead to chronic or terminal hospitalization 4 and to a societal perception that technology alone cannot heal disease. 5

These challenges in foundational assumptions about health care have resulted in a paradigm shift–or at least a change in perspective or emphasis–from orthodox medicine 6 to more holistic approaches to healing. 7 The shift in part reflects a recognition that the patient, as a person, matters, that mind and emotions do affect health, and that orthodox medicine has limits, or at least can be complemented by alternative healing methods

Today we have integrative medicine, and the law around medicine and healing continues to evolve.

Yesterday was 12/12/12.  Numerology, I learned, that adds up to 9, which signifies both the completion of old patterns and the initiation of the new.  The bringing of the feminine nurturing, healing energy to the Earth and the end of warfare consciousness.

I was moved by a channeled message from Judy Sartori in which she proclaims the coming capital D Disclosure of contacts showing that we are not alone in the multiverse, that our species-centric perspective about to hit the Singularity.

Contrast that with these words from a healer – acupuncturist friend, not as optimistic but resonant in the way they capture the Old Earth patterns:




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As for me Michael and 12/21 I am patiently waiting but and not excited or anticipating much. Maybe my way of not getting my hopes up. When I look around the world I can not see any sweeping uplifting of consciousness, just more stupid human suffering piled upon more human suffering, attaching and killing each other over pieces of dirt and scrapes of gold.

If we are to change it truly will take an invasion of our consciousness from the stars. I hope it happens for all our sake. Either next week, in our lifetime or down the road. Otherwise it will be countless years before we stop fighting over whose God should rule or what race of man is entitled to the most marbles.


For now we must endure, the speaker is saying.

I have also learned from this same person about the transformational potential in the human spirit, and about our ability to reach out and connect with energies and forces in the cosmos larger than our current rational mind.  (See also A Tribute to John Mack). 

What this means for me professionally is that working on legal issues governing the delivery of health and healing products and services, is "on mission" – in sync with the integration of head and heart, mind and breath, masculine and feminine, and the end and beginning of our notion of time.


Michael H. Cohen is a health care law and business law attorney providing corporate and regulatory advice  to businesses and physicians, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, homeopaths and others in the holistic health, wellness, and green industries. He works with telemedicine, medical devices, FDA issues, and cutting-edge technologies, and gives clear legal advice to grow your business.