When I began studying energy healing and morphing from my career as a Wall Street lawyer into a legal academic, then medical academic, then healthcare & FDA attorney, I could not have imagined the way all these threads would integrate professionally and in being.

There is a lot of buzz right now about humanity stepping into the "Fifth Dimension."  What exactly is this – other than a movie with Bruce Willis and these beings who are clearly wearing Hollywood blue make-up?

When I wrote my books, Beyond Complementary Medicine and Future Medicine, I felt I had to disguise my experiences so as to maintain an academic voice — and to remain pristine in what my physician division director at Harvard Medical School called, "kosher l’Harvard."  And so I wrote about shamanic healing and the comparison between medical doctors and shamans, in a more objective way. The disguise worked, the academic publishers were happy, and I served on Harvard Medical School faculty for five years.

The cat is out of the bag now, though, with my new demo reel in which I talk more openly about having mystical experiences, and of these being the impetus for my scholarly work on law, medicine, and regulation of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine (including laws governing energy medicine and energy healing).

Recently, I entered into a new relationship.  It was a doorway to the Fifth Dimension – or as I understand it, into opening my heart in a new way to all beings.

Whatever ultimately happens with this particular romantic assignment on the physical level, what I experience at another frequency of consciousness is a gateway into the most beautiful flowering of divine love in a way appropriate to this time and opening that is available more broadly to us humans.  It is a doorway through which ascension is possible, not in the ether but here and now: in the recognition that every person is a form of the Beloved, and that what one feels for the sweet beloved in the personal dimension is possible as love for all beloveds.

What exactly happened was that several dates into the relationship, I was meditating or going to sleep, and I felt a light permeate my body.  When I say a light, that is an understatement.  The Hindu scriptures talk about the crown chakra as the "light of a million suns."  We are talking about Light.  The Light merged us, and then gave the indication that at a time, we would separate again.

When I read the Bhagavad Gita, I see that Arjuna merged into the Light of Krishna.  It was too strong for Arjuna, and so then Krishna stepped back out and both experienced the bliss of separate individuation, as well as the bliss of merger.

Psychologically, romantic relationships are like this: step into merger, step back out into individuation.  

"The rose and the thorn, and sorrow and gladness are linked together." – Saadi

This was a curious and perplexing moment.  How could I merge into someone I do not know?  There were lessons about learning how to proceed stepwise in ordinal time, and not confusing this process with the flood of openings in other spaces. We can be very connected energetically and yet barely know one another in ordinal communication.

I recently stepped into an acupuncturist’s office and had the experience of seeing her "fifth dimensional lover" behind her shoulder.  And a day later, of meeting someone whose father had died, and connecting instantly with him by seeing the heart cords between them.  In each case, I felt guided to speak my experience, and received confirmation from each of them, along with a very emotional opening each had to their own beloved lover, progenitor, as the case may be. 

Some people need to work on impulse control.  My lesson has been to trust the spontaneous impulses where speech comes from the primordial space.

At times the guidance is so specific. 

Recently I did a radio show in which I spoke on Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology.  One of themes was that future medicine is moving into two opposing, yet paradoxically congruent directions: one, technology, and two, consciousness.

These are the new frontiers and while the "objectivity" of science is compelling, the subjectivity of mystical experience also opens us to new dimensions – whether labeled fifth or otherwise – in which we can roam and explore our sensitivity and openness to planetary connections among our species.

Let’s give Saadi the wrap here:

The children of Adam are part of a whole,
In creation being of one essence and soul.
If misfortune afflicts a member with pain,
Other members upset will remain.
If you feel free of fellow human’s pain,
The designation of Adam you cannot claim!