11:11:11 came in with prosperity blessings as the transformational shift awaited for centuries….

I spent the evening doing a meditation and healing with Aiden Chase, also known as Hollywood’s Healer.

Aiden led a meditation in which we dropped everything we had been carrying, and entered into the portal that was opening.  Aiden said this day had been anticipated and talked about for over 2,500 years, and that it marked a shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.

We had to thank the "hippies" for bringing our attention to the Age of Aquarius, marked by peace and understanding ,and as well, the feminine, over the harsher energies of greed and severity.

The evening before I meditated on the FULL moon, and received this message: "The struggle is over."

So many people I know have had histories of struggles, but this felt like the great cleansing.  From now on, positive people, positive associations, opportunities, appreciation.  These are the new mantras.

The next thing that happened was I became a beam of light, catapulting from space down onto Earth.

As if navigating through the portal into a new assignment.

During the evening my energy field was way out to the room, then out to the planet, and I did not identify myself with this body or with an eye.  An "I."  I was with a friend, and jokingly referred to myself as "this one," or "this vessel"–as in, "this one would like to eat a power bar now;" but it was only partially joking, and we know that beings beyond the physical body have a wonderful sense of humor, and enjoy wordplay.

On 11/11/11, I heard the word "contactee."  About a year ago, someone presented to me the new edition of John Mack’s book, Passport to the Cosmos.  I remember reading the introduction, and thinking things: (1) this is well-written, and (2) surely, this person (even though he writes from a more global, academic perspective about experiences) is an "experiencer."  Then, with a jolt, I realized the author was me.

Last week I was in Florida speaking on "Legal Issues in Integrative Medicine" to physicians, at a conference co-organized by Scripps and by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).  Someone had a cartoon slide in which the secretary hands the physician a note on a telephone message pad, and says, "Doctor, several paradigms shifted while you were out to lunch."  I realized that the paradigm had seriously shifted since my days at Harvard only 6 years ago.  Integrative health care is here, and here to stay.  The battles were fought by pioneers, but the newbies at the conference were simply there to gain knowledge, and marks and scratches of the alien wars against Klingons (or, well, …. many different versions of this) were invisible, the ship was brightly buffed, and it was all content-rich and pure.

Another message I received on 11/11/11 was about the Galactic 12.  I’m not sure what this means, although 12 apparently has meaning on many levels …..

there was a message about a certain candidate becoming President, and then building up a secret campaign to expand military presence in space …. this could become the very early beginnings of interstellar travel for our species.

Anyway, back to Aiden who said that one meaning of 11/11/11 is that the 5th dimension is opening up to us, as we pass through the 4th, and that the veil between worlds is becoming even thinner.  Not for everyone.  Some people will remain stuck where they are.  But those who choose to ascend can experience these different aspects of our universality, and this means a shift into a world of more texture, meaning, symbology, fascination, depth, wisdom, and love.

As I opened to these different aspects of awakening within myself, I remain grounded in left-brain, mundane, power tasks that are daily bread.  Being a lawyer is a good profession.  It can help protect people so they can  plan mighty things.  Even here, I was told by my guides, there is a certain influence that comes from the stars.  Even talking about things like statutes and regulations, certain transmissions can occur.

Peace out for now.