These lines of poetry came to me while contemplating the completion of a relationship.

Past wife, past life

This time though I felt the knife.

How I wish you’d been on board

Now it’s best to cut the cord.

You probably will not see my Iowa Writers’ Workshop poetry training in this one … I think the influence is more "Star Light, Star Bright."

Sometimes the guidance comes in silly wisdom with a dose of humor.

I’m also much impressed with the new book of poetry by my friend Peter Faust from Healing Arts of Belmont.  Check out his videos on the Constellation work that he does.

PS: The "past wife" here refers to someone who was a wife in a PAST life – hence the reference to "past life."  Not any person in a current life.  Sometimes we meet people on the soul path and recognize them from other times and places.  Many lives, many masters …. that sort of thing.

I do regard these relationships as sacred, with sacred teachings. That does not mean that one transcends all human feeling.  Such is the way of the cosmos.