Reviews of Michael’s Book, Future Medicine
“Cohen does for medicine what Kuhn did for science in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” Rosemarie Tong, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor in Health Care Ethics at the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“M. Cohen is certainly the most thoughtful contributor to the CAM literature from the legal profession. His new book adds to his previous work and is a stimulating, informative text for anyone with a serious interest in this area.” Edzard Ernst, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P. (Edin.), Chair of the Department of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter
“With ingenuity and finesse, Michael H. Cohen demonstrates how the introduction of complementary and alternative medicine into healthcare is transforming not only the delivery of services for individuals, but also the web of personal and working relations for everyone involved in the processes of caring and healing. This is a beautifully written and inspiring book–a unique and enriching contribution that stands out for its coupling of erudition and sensitivity.” Mary Ruggie, Ph.D., Professor of Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
“Michael Cohen is, simply put, a visionary. His courageous voice, formidable intelligence, and compassionate heart come together in Future Medicine, providing a breathtaking challenge to traditional medicine, law, and bioethics. I am convinced that Michael’s work will change the face of medicine and health care law, leading us away from our comfortable illusion of knowledge and into a deeper, more expansive knowing.” Karen E. Adams, M.D., Clinical Consultant at the Center for Ethics in Health Care, Oregon Health and Sciences University
“Courageous, insightful, innovative, and inspiring, Mr. Cohen goes where few dare tread, and where all are headed–toward a global perspective in medicine.” Wayne B. Jonas, M.D., Director of the Samueli Institute, and Former Director, Office of Alternative Medicine, NIH
“Like a master class in yoga, Future Medicine challenges, inspires, and stretches the reader. Through gifted storytelling and rigorous, respectful exploration of multiple intellectual and religious disciplines, Cohen bridges the science and the soul of healing, transcends previous limitations, and embraces the mystery of the Spirit.” Kathi J. Kemper, M.D., M.P.H., Caryl J. Guth Chair for Holistic and Integrative Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine
“Cohen demonstrates in Future Medicine his expertise, passion, and courage… [and is] able to… pose provocative questions concerning the ethical and legal issues that will emerge….. Future Medicine makes … valuable contributions to the integration of conventional and complementary medicine…. While Future Medicine poses far more questions than it answers … it is nevertheless a bold if not brilliant step. I am grateful to Michael Cohen for his contribution.” Health Affairs Full Health Affairs Review (.pdf)
“Cohen … has composed an erudite but remarkably readable meditation on the “clinical, legal, ethical, and spiritual considerations” arising from the confluence of-some would say the conflict between-Western and Eastern, conventional and “alternative” models of wellness (spiritual as well as physical). His insights and case studies will be of interest to yoga practitioners and especially yoga teachers around the modern world.” Yoga Journal
“[Cohen’s book is] a though-provoking exploration of the future of medicine in the healthcare system.” Library Journal
“Cohen’s … book … has been an indispensable reference work for many working on CAM and its complex implications for clinical and academic medicine.” Bonnie B. O’Connor, PhD, Brown Medical School
Reviews of Michael’s Book, Beyond Complementary Medicine
“Once again, Michael H. Cohen admirably pushes the frontiers of law, medicine, ethics, and health care policy. In an engaging, insightful, and provocative analysis, he opens a door to the future of medicine, thus laying the foundation for a regulatory framework that supports human physical, as well as spiritual, health.” Kenneth R. Pelletier, Ph.D. Director, Stanford Corporate Health Program, and Clinical Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine
“As complementary medicine becomes more and more popular, it is inevitable that some practices will be integrated into conventional health care. This process raises a host of legal and ethical issues…Michael Cohen¹s attempt to address this complex area is both laudable and authoritative, rendering this text essential reading for all health care professionals with a serious interest in complementary medicine.” Professor Edzard Ernst Department of Complementary Medicine, University of Exeter
“Michael H. Cohen continues to push the boundaries of our thinking on the legal ramifications of holistic healing. In Beyond Complementary Medicine, he challenges us to open to the new world of Global Medicine.” Wayne B. Jonas, M.D.
Beyond Complementary Medicine is a fascinating glimpse into the future of health and human healing at the crossroads of changes in law, ethics, regulation, and policy. The book¹s highly creative ideas are effervescent in expression, and bring a deeper, broader, and more refined discussion to the field. Michael Cohen as an original thinker whose writing will shape thinking in medicine and medical ethics for years to come.” Karen Adams, M.D. Assistant Professor and Certified Medical Ethicist, Oregon Health Sciences University
Beyond Complementary Medicine warrants hearty felicitations for presciently, and insightfully, addressing ethical, legal and regulatory issues…. Cohen is a trailblazing pionner toiling tirelssly on the frontier of law, bioethics and healthcare in America. His brilliantly-written book palpably reveals his passion for his important work…. This magnificent book is recommended heartily.” Complementary Therapies in Medicine
“Readers could also review Cohen’s Beyond Complementary Medicine: Legal and Ethical Perspectives on Health Care and Health Evolution (University of Michigan Press, 2000) for more insights into the government machinery that is abetting or restraining the movement of CAM from marginal to mainstream.” Stephen E. Straus, M.D., National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health. New England Journal of Medicine 2004:351:24:2561.
Reviews of Michael’s First Book, Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Legal Boundaries and Regulatory Perspectives
“Michael H. Cohen clarifies credentialing, malpractice liability, and other legal, regulatory, ethical, and policy issues surrounding the inclusion of complementary medicine into conventional health care delivery. The book is an authoritative and indispensable resource.” James N. Dillard, M.D., D.C., C.Ac. Assistant Clinical Professor, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Medical Director for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Oxford Health Plans
“I found the book absolutely fascinating and would like to congratulate you on such a compassionate and wonderfully inspired piece of writing. I am sure that it will be a great success and it makes a bold contribution to the frontiers on integrative medicine.” Caroline Hoffman, Deputy Editor, Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery
“Snippets of the body of alternative medicine are skillfully dissected and probed by Cohen’s legal scalpel in a manner that is informative and intellectually stimulating. For persons wishing…knowledge and understanding of the present legal environment for alternative medicine in the United States, this book is an excellent choice.” Journal of the American Medical Association. Full JAMA Review (.pdf)
“A provocative, pioneering, and timely contribution to the future of health and medical regulation…Future discussions by clinical and research professionals in health care law and policy will find this authoritative text to be indispensable.” Kenneth R. Pelletier, Stanford University School of Medicine
“This outstanding recommended resource-nearly one-third of the text is devoted to case law and references belongs on the library shelf of anyone thinking about or involved in health care.” Rena J. Gordon, University of Arizona
“This is a concise, authoritative synthesis of biomedicine, alternative medicine, and the regulatory environment. It succeeds admirably in giving the reader a broad view of biomedicine and holistic healing and in outlining the growth, evolution, and eventual dominance of biomedicine to the present…” Annals of Internal Medicine
“Written from a legal perspective, this volume examines complementary and alternative medicine within the contexts of state regulation, scope of practice, malpractice, professional discipline, third-party reimbursement, and evolution of legal authority… Michael H. Cohen has written a comprehensive and well-researched volume that makes an important and unique contribution to our understanding of complementary and alternative medicine.” Journal of Community Health
“Cohen…eloquently describes the interlocking levels of control state and federal governments exercise over the art of medicine. The work is illustrated by case examples that bring alive the current status of such controls and highlight the dilemmas both faced and posed by our legal system.” The Journal of Legal Medicine
“In this compact and lively analysis, Michael Cohen sums up the history and current status of the legal underpinnings of complementary and alternative medicine vis-à-vis conventional medicine.” Integrative Medicine Consult
“This academic resource tool is a necessary addition to any health practitioner’s library … [and] does an admirable job of addressing those legal issues pertinent to alternative healthcare providers.” Alternative Healthcare Management
“As the public has increasingly turned to alternative methods of healing such as acupuncture, chiropractic, dietary supplements, energy healing, and yoga, the legal and ethical relationships between these alternatives and the traditional medical orthodoxy have come into question. What legal obstacles do practitioners of alternative medicine currently face, and should they be certified or licensed? What liability risks do traditional health care providers confront when they refer patients to complementary practices…. Mr. Cohen offers a thought-provoking discussion about integrating the alternative with the traditional. Through poignant anecdotes and accessible analysis, he moves from practical legal issues of liability and regulation to more abstract questions regarding different traditions and understandings about healing.” Harvard Law Review
Reviews of Michael’s Novel, A Question of Time
“An enjoyable and well-written tale of hypnotic adventures that combines good story-telling, memorable characters, and clever clinical pearls. The book is ideal for the hypnotically-oriented clinician and the psychologically-minded layperson.” Eric Leskowitz, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
“I appreciate Michael H. Cohen’s contribution to the literature on shamanism, relaxation, and guided imagery through his novel. Gabriel’s journey through hypnosis – the dual path of relaxation and creativity-may be an invitation for all of us to awaken to the power of our own imagination, of our own ability to consciously dream.” Hilary Tindle, M.D., Research Fellow, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
“This is an intriguing introduction to Ericksonian hypnosis, revealed through a rich and reflective narrative. You may be surprised at how easily you are able to learn valuable, new information while being pleasantly entertained in a relaxing and comfortable way.” Kathi J. Kemper, M.D.
“Literate and intelligent…written with consummate skill … exceptionally good, with skillful, realistic dialogue and a certain comfortable flow that is able to contain complex ideas… A Question of Time is a book that I recommend to all therapists, and to all who are interested in what the human mind is, and what it might become…. Michael Cohen has produced a truly marvelous piece of writing that succeeds because … it has color and humanity.” Alexander M. Docker, DCH, Ph.D., President of The American Board of Hypnotherapy, and Dean of Academic Studies, American Pacific University
Review of Michael’s Book, Creative Writing for Lawyers
“Cohen writes with style, clarity, and wit….He sticks to essentials … and, in the end, inspires.” Daniel J. Korstein, JD. New York Law Journal.
Review of Michael’s Legal Issues in Integrative Medicine
Legal Issues in Integrative Medicine by Michael Cohen … tackles, in an approachable style and voice, issues of legality and ethics for practitioners of CAM, clinicians, patients, and institutions. Michael asks the questions that we should all be considering whether as a patient visiting an acupuncturist, herbalist, or chiropractor, or as a practitioner of one of those medicines.
“There are several legal and ethical issues for practitioners. This book explains in clear terms exactly what malpractice and fraud encompass and how to protect yourself and your practice … what to expect in a court setting and in disciplinary procedures … the chain of responsibility when it comes to the referral system …. ethical obligations a practitioner has to his or her patient, what type of consent forms to require, and even has samples of such forms one could copy from the appendix.
“In the second part of ‘Legal Issues’ Cohen discusses institutional poolicies when it comes to patient and practitioner rights to include CAM therapies in hospitals and insurance coverage …. what kind of credntialing should be required of CAM practitioners, and how to classify dietary supplements….
“It isn’t just practitioners, clinicians, and institutions that need to protect themselves legally and ethically. Patients need to keep a keen open eye when it comes to their rights. Cohen advises patients what to expect from their CAM practitioners…. It is important that patients be fully informed of all their medical choices … know exactly what is offered, available, and covered by their insurance program. They should also know how to ask for reimbursement. ‘Legal Issues’ can help with all of these issues and questions.”
– Amy McCoy, The Forum (AOM Alliance, Winter 2005).
Legal Issues in Integrative Medicine lays out a set of pragmatic legal concerns relevant to biomedical and CAM clinicians, medical institutions, and patients, regarding the use of CAM therapies. Author Michael Cohen, J.D. is Director of Legal Programs at the Osher Institute (Harvard Medical School), and has penned several books on CAM, medical law, and ethics.
“The book’s format is to pose a set of fundamental questions at the start of each chapter. For example: Is it legally safe to refer my patients to a CAM practitioner? When do I risk losing my license? How can institutions manage their potential malpractice liability related to offering CAM services? How can I get insurance reimbursement for CAM therapies such as massage therapy and acupuncture? Twenty-eight broad questions are framed in the 75 page body of the text.
“The book’s cardinal strength resides in Cohen’s trenchant highlighting of legal issues, accomplished with minimal jargon and authoritative citations. Clarifying a set of concerns that must be resolved provides a useful footing for those evaluating entry into the market. This slender tome does convey the reassuring sensibility that CAM can be integrated successfully by attending to the identified issues.”
– David Kailin, Ph.D., M.P.H., L.Ac., April 2005 WAOMA Newsletter
Reviews of Michael H. Cohen, Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion (2006)
“Michael Cohen eloquently explores pathways to healing–a universal human desire. He opens our eyes to new ways to think about health–beyond the exclusivity of science and medicine to a wonderful array of different traditions and methodologies. For modern health care professionals, this book offers rich rewards.”–Lawrence Gostin, Georgetown University Law Center and the Center for Law and the Public’s Health.
Cohen (Health Policy & Management, Harvard School of Public Health; Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Legal Boundaries and Regulatory Perspectives) follows his previously well-received books with a new look at the continuing growth in popularity of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). His legal and scholarly qualifications provide him with the ability to contemplate the legal, ethical, and regulatory aspects of how the integration of CAM can best proceed. What issues need to be discussed with patients? Are doctors liable if CAM therapies don’t work? How can we continue to remain open to alternative forms of medical treatment while maintaining high-quality, safe, and ethical healthcare?
Cohen devotes a large part of this book to issues surrounding spiritual healing techniques and how they may relate to current and future legal and regulatory policies. While lay readers may find the book too philosophical and esoteric at times, it raises many interesting points for academic discussion. Recommended for larger public and academic libraries, particularly those specializing in biomedical ethics and law.”–Tina Neville, Univ. of South Florida at St. Petersburg Lib., Library Journal.
“In Healing at the Borderland (Uniersity of North Carolina Press) Cohen is a tour-guide through diverse zoo-scapes in our deliciously murky, transitional world of healing, faith and medicine….” — John Weeks, The Integrator Blog.
“We need more thoughtful and thorough evaluations of other worldviews of health and illness. Medical students and practicing physicians need to know how our patients view themselves and their illnesses so we can care for them and fit the treatment to the patients’ mindset….Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion by Michael H. Cohen is a needed addition to this field of knowledge. While it focuses broadly on a number of alternative medical disciplines, and not solely religion, it deals with healing outside of the biomedical model….With more good questions than answers there needs to be some way to address the issues in a thoughtful and organized manner. Michael Cohen’s book starts to provide a framework and gives us possible explanations and places for religion and alternative medicine in the current system of care. This book is a good place to look to start the discussion.” – Tyler Cymet, DO, Associate Vice President for Medical Education, American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine