An ‘intuitive healer’ who did not have a chiropractic or acupuncture license is in legal trouble for performing spinal manipulation and other techniques on a patient.

A Wisconsin case has recently surfaced involving an alleged injury from an intuitive healer who did not have licensure in either medicine, chiropractic, or acupuncture, yet used spinal manipulation:

May has severe, chronic spinal disease in her neck, her medical records show. She can walk because two years ago she had urgent surgery to remove discs that were compressing her cervical spinal cord, making it swell with fluid. She also has spinal osteoporosis – weak, brittle vertebrae. Spinal manipulation – commonly known as chiropractic adjustment – can be dangerous for patients with spinal nerve damage or osteoporosis, states the Mayo Clinic website, which offers comprehensive information on hundreds of diseases.

But before May knew she had spinal disease, she spent almost a year in the care of a Milwaukee man named Sik Kin Wu. And May says she paid Wu, a self-described "intuitive healer," to adjust her neck – not once or twice, but 11 times during a year.

Wu, a Shorewood, Wis., restaurant owner with a history of federal tax fraud, says he can tell what’s wrong with people by looking at them. He acknowledged he isn’t licensed to provide health care in the United States, instead providing a certificate stating he completed a four-month acupuncture and Chinese massage program in Shanghai.

But a Journal Sentinel investigation found Wu has used spinal manipulation – considered the work of a chiropractor or, in some cases, a physical therapist or credentialed massage therapist – on May and many others for years. By his own account, Wu also charges $350 to put his hand in people’s vaginas and rectums to "heal" conditions such as ovarian cysts and erectile dysfunction.

Individuals who are not licensed chiropractors should not be performing spinal manipulation.  In addition, chiropractors and acupuncturists sometimes confuse the boundaries by crossing into therapies outside their scope of practice.  It is important to understand licensing laws governing chiropractic, acupucture, massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine so as to remain legally safe in practice.
Other news – an integrative practice advertises a whole bunch of therapies:

Arizona’s premier naturopathic practice, Phoenix Integrative Medicine, starts a unique approach with 5 minute "Consult n Coffee" for $5 along with Free B-12 injections for new patients.

The premier naturopathic doctor in Arizona has initiated a new approach to patient care. For a mere $5, Dr. Andrea O’Connor of Phoenix Integrative Medicine will provide coffee and 5 minutes of her expertise on a variety of topics ranging from weight loss, hormone replacement, antiaging, and natural pain management.

In addition, patients who sign up for consultations on Phoenix Integrative Medicine’s newly redesigned website will receive a Free B-12 injection. The website, at , allows patients to book their own appointments online.

Dr. O’Connor’s practice focuses on multiple areas of medicine including weight loss, hormone replacement, antiaging, aesthetics, and natural pain management.

For over a dozen years, Phoenix Integrative Medicine has been assisting patients with physician supervised weight loss clinic Phoenix which includes the HCG diet Phoenix AZ and others. Dr. O’Connor offers the HCG both sublingual and by injection. One of the keys to maintaining weight loss, and preventing patients from gaining it all back as statistically most do, is the follow up doctor visits and the individualized nutritional support provided.

Dr. O’Connor is an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement. Bioidentical hormones are natural hormones, not synthetic. They match the molecular structure of the hormones that are produced by one’s body exactly and are not made in a lab. This may increase patient’s energy, vitality, sex drive, improve mood, decrease hot flashes, and reduce chance of osteoporosis.

In addition to bioidentical hormone replacement, Dr. O’Connor provides patients antiaging treatments with testosterone injections along with B12 injections.

"We do some simple blood work to establish a baseline. Then with individualized hormone replacements by mouth, cream, or injection, patients are able to look and feel younger. My patients start noticing the benefits within a week, and it changes their outlook on life routinely," says clinic director Dr. Andrea O’Connor.

Phoenix Integrative Medicine believes in natural pain management. With a compassionate, knowledgeable approach, Dr. O’Connor consults with patients who have debilitating qualifying conditions that benefit from medical marijuana. After studying the medical benefits of marijuana extensively, she has earned the respect of her patients and colleagues by providing her expertise to qualifying patients and writing certifications for an Arizona medical marijuana card.

The office obtains medical records for its patients at no charge, takes photo ID’s along with scanning documents, and assists completely with the online medical marijuana card application to the state. Walk in visits are allowed Wednesday through Friday 10am to 3pm.

With services for hormone replacement, antiaging, weight loss, and natural pain management, Phoenix Integrative Medicine offers comprehensive wellness medicine in Arizona.  

We express no opinion concerning the legality of these practices.  It is worth noting that practices involving weight loss and HCG diets can raise legal questions, many of which are addressed elsewhere in this blog or on in our law firm website.  Scope of practice is also an important legal concern as is standard of care when using therapies such as bioidentical hormonies.  Informed consent forms must be specific and targeted to be legally compliant.  Medical marijuana laws can vary by state and consumers should be aware of local laws governing access to medical marijuana (cannabis) in their jurisdiction.
A former colleague of mine from Harvard, Dr. Robert Saper, addresses the efficacy of neti pots for help with colds and sinus infections:

Robert Saper, director of integrative medicine in Boston Medical Center’s Department of Family Medicine, says that a neti pot is one of the few traditional therapies that has found its way into modern medical practice. Several studies have been conducted on neti pots, and overall findings are positive. Saper says there’s good evidence that they can help people with chronic sinus infections find relief and reduce their dependence on medications. There’s some evidence that they also ease symptoms of colds and allergies.

The technical term for a neti pot is “saline nasal irrigation,’’ and Ellen Weinberg, an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Cambridge Health Alliance, points out that it’s just one of the ways you can flush out nasal passages. Some people balk at pouring liquid in their nose, and they can opt to buy saline squirt bottles or drops at a pharmacy, or create their own system using a bulb syringe.

Neti pots are often sold in yoga studios and schools that teach Ayurveda.
Alterernative cancer care builds in Georgia:

Illinois-based Cancer Treatment Centers of America – known for a holistic approach to care and less conventional therapies – began work on the 260,000-square-foot, 50-bed cancer hospital in Newnan last month.

Right now, hundreds of patients from the Southeast travel long distances to one of the company’s other four hospitals in the Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Tulsa, Okla., areas, said Tim Birdsall, vice president of integrative medicine….

Two-thirds of Cancer Treatment Centers patients typically coming from out of state, Dawson said. The Newnan site was picked, in part, because it’s close to a major airport, he said.

The hospital will spur local development, such as hotels, and give a boost to local businesses, Newnan Mayor Keith Brady said.


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