Last night I had a dream about colorful birds.

Here is my colorful bird dream story:

Strange night of uneasy dreams. In one, colorful birds were flying everywhere, including into people, diving onto their heads. I swatted the birds away with a stick. At last I wandered under a tree, and that sheltered me in part from the onslaught.

One lone Indian was chanting on the harmonium and managed that way to keep the birds away.

Every once in a while I wake up and am just waiting for something … and then it turns out it is for a pivotal dream.

Jungian analysis would be really fun.  In the meanwhile, I’m left to my own interpretation.  What were these birds, and why were they so colorful?  The dream had nothing to do with the remains of the day.

Part of me wonders whether the birds stood for negative people and forces – birds can shit on people – but why they were colorful and why I had a stick I don’t know.

What do birds do – they take flight. 

A friend wrote:

Wow! Intense dream! I notice in some of my dreams, I am all the characters. If I were to take a stab at this one, I would wonder if the birds were negative thoughts you are trying to keep away (with the stick) and the harmonium represents harmonious energy– that, of course, keeps us in balance. Maybe the birds/thoughts were colorful because negative thoughts sometimes come disguised and we don’t see how a particular belief has limited us or hurt us except in retrospect?

I like that. 

Narada wrote in the Bhakti Sutras:

1. The nature of love is inexpressible.

2. As the dumb man cannot express what he tastes, but his actions betray his feelings, so man cannot express this love in words, but his actions betray it.

3. In some rare persons it is expressed.

4. Beyond all qualities, all desires, ever increasing, unbroken, the finest perception is love.

5. When a men gets this love, he sees love everywhere he hears love everywhere, he talks love everywhere, he thinks love everywhere.

Sometimes we have to see the inexpressible in everything and simply play with our harmonious energy instead of hitting our situation with a stick.

Then again, seeing how the unconscious is full of metaphors, maybe the stick represents "sticking to" a path.

I like the way Milton Erickson, the great hypnotherapist, put it: "Your conscious mind is very smart; but your unconscious mind is even smarter – so why not let it do the work for a change?"


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