"Michael is an intuitive, heart-centered lawyer for small business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations who need legal guidance."


Someone wrote that in a referral today and it’s time to claim it.

Intuitive.  Yes.  Heart-centered, yes.  But not mush. 

Earlier today I advised a client on a nutritional business.  Often it’s easiest to think of legal advice in terms of red flag, yellow flag, green light.  The green light is obvious, the yellow flag sometimes takes written guidance.  This was yellow to red.  

We were canvassing liability issues including informed consent and the possibility of malpractice lawsuits,corporate practice of medicine rules, and possible prosecution for unlicensed practice of medicine or psychology or another profession.

So many people get into business without responsible legal advice.

I shared that I studied energy healing (and hypnotherapy) for several years and had the option of opening a practices.  The legal issues concerned me which is why I realized that my healership or healing practice was actually through being a lawyer, and then a law professor who wrote books expanding the legal foundations for a more holistic health care practice (which ultimately has spiritual implications).  I am now solidly rooted in the business world; however, I do use my intuitive skills and guidance, whether advising a client on laws and regulations or in court before a judge, arguing at a hearing, or dissecting how a lawsuit or business start-up idea is going to play out.

I am an intuitive, heart-centered as well, and whether you call it right-left hemisphere coordination or simply claiming all of who we are, it’s time to be this and not be a talking head.  Many people have trouble simply getting their attorney to call them back, let alone understand at a gut level what they are trying to accomplish – for themselves, for their families (I’m a believer in the profit motive, it can go with altruism), and for the world – whether through social networking or other socially conscious projects.

"Don’t roll the dice, get legal advice."  It costs less to get legal advice up front, front-loaded to structure an enterprise or project, than to run afoul of the legal rules and pay expensive later in response to lawsuit or government inquiry.  Intuition rocks, but it has to be well integrated into good judgment and skillful analytical reasoning with a fount of knowledge about business law and the relevant legal rules.  When you’re looking for a lawyer, make sure you don’t get the Tin Man or the lion or scarecrow – find an attorney where, as my yoga teacher used to say, head, hand and heart are coordinated with the breath and intention.

Michael H. Cohen is an experienced business law and health care law attorney.  He has taught health care law and policy at Harvard University and counseled many different kinds of practitioners and businesses, including:

  • entrepreneurial start-up ventures in many different industries
  • physicians (MD’s and DO’s)
  • physician groups, hospitals, and clinical facilities
  • integrative medicine centers
  • professional health care educational institutions and associations
  • dentists
  • registered nurses and advanced practice nurses
  • clinical psychologists
  • chiropractors
  • acupuncturists
  • massage therapists
  • homeopathic physicians and homeopaths
  • naturopathic doctors and naturopaths
  • energy healers, hypnotists, medical intuitives
  • dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors
  • cosmetics manufacturers
  • entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • publishers
  • wellness clinics
  • herbalists
  • bio-energy companies
  • medical device inventors
  • telemedicine enterprises
  • many different businesses

As an attorney  at the cutting edge of health care and business law, he represents enterprises whose leaders are conscious and committed to a better world.  He provides legal and regulatory expertise to a multitude of businesses and corporations, as well as to attorneys and law firms involved in various health care legal issues including:

  • fee-splitting, Stark and anti-kickback
  • corporate practice of medicine (including New York, California, Massachusetts, D.C.)
  • medical board disciplinary proceedings and other professional discipline
  • negligence, informed consent, and medical malpractice liability (negligence)
  • HIPAA and patient privacy and confidentiality issues
  • Medicare (including opting out vs. participation vs. non-participation)
  • professional liability insurance and insurance (billing and coding) issues
  • telemedicine, tele-psychiatry and telehealth
  • litigation (plaintiff’s counsel and defense) and negotiation
  • other legal and regulatory compliance issues.

To speak with a lawyer about health care law issues pertaining to complementary and alternative medicine, or to consult a business lawyer about laws and legal issues for entrepreneurs and new enterprises that are seeking legal advice, contact attorney Michael H. Cohen today.