It’s taken 14 years to write this memoir about my visit to Byelorussia (Belarus) to work with a team of healers, hoping to help children victims of radiation from Chernobyl. I was working as an attorney in a Wall Street law firm, rotating through the corporate department, when I learned about Chernobyl and the designation of an international team to participate in experimental, hands-on healing work. Before participating in complementary medicine law and policy, I was exploring healing modalities and the effect on hearts-minds-bodies-souls instead of just writing legislation or articles in professional journals about medical evidence, standards of care, licensure, and other issues.  Proposal (Short Version).  Photo below taken in Byelorussia with children of Chernobyl (1990).

In fact, I was a Wall Street lawyer in search of … having studied hypnotherapy, Gurdjieff Work, a burst of Reiki perhaps, and even different religions. Through many adventures (in the days before e-mail) I finally made contact with the Powers That Be (the workshop leader of a juice fasting/meditation retreat allegedly beamed a “ray” up to heaven for a return fax) and traveled to participate in “medical research” with Russian doctors. Bearing macrobiotic food and iodine (to counteract radiation), limited medical information about what I might encounter, ten words of Russian and a pocket dictionary, and some identified flying objects (frisbees) for the kids, I set off. But there were many obstacles.
I was suddenly an “extrasensor,” as Russians called their psychics during a television show that probed any claims to being ‘in the know.’ The research arm disappeared. And the children’s affliction was vivid; I have subsequently been able to research some of the–literally–fallout from this tragedy, the consequences for our Earth. Thyroid cancers, unexplained medical anomalies, massive radiation poisoning of milk and forests and soil, societal upheavals, and other controversial (and often denied) results.
The visit also connected me with my Eastern European roots, and opened up healing channels, both with the children and the ancestors. The stories of healing … reconciliation … challenges in the team of healers … upheavals … and return and integration …. are part of this journey account.
I am currently seeking an agent or publisher for this unusual book and welcome contact with any suggestions. I would like to pre-arrange with the publisher to donate a good portion of the royalties on book sales to organizations that are helping the children of Chernobyl.