Reliable Electrical Service is good to its name.

I own no stock in the company and have no relatives on its board of directors, so I can safely give my honest recommendation to Reliable Electrical, picked at random out of the phone book, yet guided by an intuitive choice.
Mr. L. Bowe and Mr. Alexander Wright of Nassau, Bahamas deserve a hearty recommendation for their outstanding service. Prompt, efficient, thorough, and willing to work hard to get the job done, they have demonstrated utter professionalism.
Reliable Electrical Co. of Nassau, the Bahamas can be reached at 242-322-4591. Mr. Wright can also be reached at 242-456-3536.
If this blog can do some good, let the word go forth from and reach the far corners of the island (and Family Islands) with a voice of gratitude for the attitude of Reliable Electrical.
Good to their name, Reliable is reliable.