The National University of Health Sciences has these important blog links for information relevant to chiropractic and naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, and other CAM practitioners.

Specially, NUHS has the following:
* TouchPoints, an online newsletter that covers a lot of information relevant to massage therapy and massage therapists.
“Brought to you by National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) and its Massage Therapy Certification Program, TouchPOINTS explores the latest massage techniques, new horizons in the massage therapy field, and interviews with NUHS massage program faculty and students.”
NUHS features some very interesting offerings through this resource. For example:

Wondering if massage therapy is the right career for you? Try a mini-course!
National University of Health Sciences has a developed a special four-evening course called “Introduction to Massage.” It’s designed to give you an overview of massage therapy and some hands-on experience so you can see if it might be the right profession for you.
In four convenient evening classes, you can learn fundamental principles and hands-on techniques that you can use to give a great massage to friends and loved ones. You’ll also be receiving massage and experiencing its benefits first-hand.
You’ll also learn what it takes to start a career as a massage therapist. In addition to a number of techniques, you’ll tap into the anatomy, ethical and legal issues, hygiene, table management, and terminology that licensed professionals need to know. During the final class, you will be required to complete a written assessment of course concepts as well as a practical evaluation of massage technique.
The best thing about “Introduction to Massage” is that there’s nothing to lose! If you decide massage just isn’t the right career track for you, you’ll still come away with some great skills to offer a soothing massage to family and friends.

* Stepping Stones — this is an online newsletter specifically for prospective students considering CAMS careers. It covers various aspects of these careers, including interviews with our current students and faculty giving their perspectives on what it takes to pursue a professional CAMS education. This newsletter is updated three times per year also. Old issues are archived and accessible on the site.
Steppingstones is literally:

your pathway to a career in alternative health care.
If you’re close to finishing your undergraduate college degree and wondering what’s next … If you’ve completed college and are considering graduate school … If you’re bored with your job and want something different … then you are ready to take the next step toward personal and professional fulfillment at National University of Health Sciences.
For over 100 years, National has been a leader in the education of practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine. Here at Steppingstones, you can learn about each of our professional degree programs, chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and oriental medicine, meet some of our faculty and students, and discover some of the outstanding facets of a National education.

* Last but not least, in Naturopathic Chronicles, the head of the University’s new ND program has his own blog in which he discusses “all things naturopathic:”

Fraser Smith, N.D., chair of National’s Department of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Smith is a pioneer in creating and directing National’s new ND degree program and establishing the first ND program in the Midwest.
In addition, Dr. Smith is one of the leaders working to bring the profession of naturopathy into full licensure in Illinois and other states. His program is training NDs for new roles in mainstream integrative health care, and bringing a full-spectrum traditional naturopathic curriculum into modern primary health care settings.
Read Dr. Smith’s blog “Naturopathic Chronicles” to explore new insights into traditional naturopathy, new approaches to health care, and new milestones for ND training and professionalism.
Dr. Smith graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. At CCNM, Dr. Smith completed a residency in naturopathic family medicine, and also served as a clinician/faculty member, teaching physical diagnosis, nutrition and clinical theory. Dr. Smith was also dean of CCNM’s naturopathic program from 2001-2003. Joining NUHS in 2005, Dr. Smith has steered the ND program from its initial inception through milestones such as regional academic accreditation, and welcoming National’s first ND students in Fall of 2006.

Needless to say, this is not the Dr. Smith from “Lost in Space.” No, that was not even a naturopathic doctor, but it was someone who was very good at manipulating robots. At any rate, check out the vast curriculum of the National University of Health Sciences, with its programs ranging from chiropractic to acupuncture and traditional oriental to naturopathic medicine and beyond.
Also take a look at the many resources devoted to evidence-based practice, from articles to webliographies to lists of ongoing clinical trials. NUHS favors an evidence-based, research-oriented approach:

NUHS has a long and proud history of generating and supporting original research in basic science, clinical science, and health science education.
Recently, NUHS implemented an evidence-based practice curriculum for all professional degree programs. Indeed, National has always insisted that technique, adjustments and therapies taught in its degree programs have their basis in sound scientific principles backed by research.

This puts NUHS right on track with the recent recommendation by the Institute of Medicine Committee on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2005), which held that one standard of evidence should be applied to conventional and CAM therapies.