The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester in New Hampshire (MHGCM) was awarded a $40,000 grant to develop a program model that uses complementary and alternative medical therapies for the treatment of mental health disorders.

According to a press release from the MHGCM, the Ittleson Foundation grant which was awarded last July, is “designed to support the agency’s efforts to integrate naturopathic medicine among the array of treatments available for behavioral and mental health concerns” (
As interest in Complementary and Alternative Medical therapies steadily increases, people with common physical ailments are not the only ones seeking non-conventional approaches to health care. Mental health patients are also demanding alternatives to traditional medical treatment, which often includes anti-depressant drugs and medications that target specific brain function.
According to the press release from the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester, which is one of the largest training sites for Psychiatry residents from Dartmouth Medical School: “research has shown that naturopathic therapies including clinical nutrition, vitamin and mineral therapy and botanical medicine, are effective in treating conditions such as attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other behavioral health problems.”
The ultimate goal of the grant is to develop an effective program model, treatment protocol, and educational materials for treating mental health with complementary and alternative therapies. Hopefully, if the program is successful, it will become a template for other similar programs around the country. Furthermore, the awarding of this grant reveals a promising shift in medical paradigms: one that embraces a more holistic view of mental illness and health care.
Posting by Laura Stevens.