A new study suggests that migraines may be ‘zapped’ with magnetic pulses.

Of note:

A lightweight, handheld device helps migraine sufferers zap away pain, sometimes within two hours, according to a new study.
Called a transcranial magnetic stimulation device (TMS), it transmits magnetic pulses that interrupt the “hyper-excitability” of neurons in the brain, which some experts believe is to blame for launching the migraine.
All had been diagnosed with migraine with aura — the changes in vision and light sensitivity and other symptoms that about one in five migraine patients experience before the headache pain. They had a history of one to eight migraines with aura per month. To enter the study, they couldn’t overuse headache medicines.

This is interesting, because use of magnets to help with pain relief has often thought to be somewhat woo-woo, and in the domain of complementary and alternative medicine. Healers often talk about such mysterious things as detoxification, reversing polarities, removing energies (or entities), or changing magnetic frequencies, among other suggestions.
Now evidence suggests there may be a real scientific effect involved in use of magnetism – specifically, magnetic pulses, to ‘zap’ migraines.
The study involved 164 patients s suffering from migraines. The magnetic pulses were aimed to ‘zap’ the spread of ‘abnormal electrical activity or hyper-excitability, spreading from one nerve cell to the others.’ The company marketing the device is currently applying to the FDA for approval as a medical device.
The study was conducted by Yousef Mohammad, MD, neurologist and associate professor of neurology, Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus.