I am always amazed at how we live in multiple worlds, the human and the cosmic/divine, the material and spiritual, the world of the mundane and then the numinous sacred.

In the world of psychological reality I was processing some thoughts today about tomorrow’s birthday.

Then I was also sitting in a networking meeting – second of the day – listening to information upon information about networks of networks.  My eyes drifted, and suddenly I was in meditation.

The God Force erupted – I’ll just call it that, maybe it’s quantum reality or the nanosphere or shifting templates or inter-dimensional spaces or just a wall of White, which is what the energy looked like as it spread through my being and all the space in the room, and then all the space in between space, and then into all of space and the non-space space.

Anything that had previously been occupying a space of blockage instantly blew out and cleared, and I was left in a peace that surpassed even the room or the planet on which the room in an investment banking firm sits.

Yes, I had a moment or something that is not even recognizable as a moment, of cosmic consciousness.

It was like the Haftorah portion I read on my Bar Mitzvah: in the year that King Uzaiah died (ok, that Obama was elected), I saw the Lord sitting on a throne (ok, it was a wall of white energy permeating the entire cosmos, and I didn’t really "see" it, my third eye opened and became the whole universe) and around were seraphim (well I did see white shadows, outlines of energy beings, behind the speaker) and His entire Glory filled the hall (that’s a fairly good description).

Funny, because the name Isaiah kept coming to me all day.

It was an e-card (energy card) from On High.  What a great experience, what a wonderful.  Just then I landed back in my body and felt a happy radiance.  It was not merely a happy birthday present, it was an ecstatic one. 

I realized some hours later my purpose is to channel this energy.  So put another way it’s simply to be.  That is the literal translation of the divine name in Hebrew–literally, BEING.  Some folks write it as "I am that I am."  I understand the Hebrew root as a verb.  Being itself.  Am-ness.  Presence.  To be one with the Presence and let it, Being, flood the being of the tiny self.

And whatever comes from that space comes from a much larger space than the small limited self.

The still small voice becomes a mighty roar.

Religious language points beyond itself to a numinous reality that cannot be confined by words nor limited by any human conception, for how can the infinite be described via the finite?  But then that is the journey, as one Baba put it, from the finite to the infinite.

And rather than coming when sought on the official birthday it took me by surprise the day before and during a networking meeting (second of the day) when I was not looking.

Maybe that’s how Isaiah got it too.  One ordinary day in an extraordinary moment, a portal opened, and revelation unfolded.

Then, thrust back into ordinal time, his job to put words to experience, and to let his being become a continuous aperture for translation of divine energies into the human realm.

And to have the humility to recognize his human side, too, and the limitations of pouring the infinite into finite, of bringing the formless into form.