"The heart has its reasons that reason does not know," famously said the French philosopher Pascal.

This whole tug between thinking and feeling has played itself so much in our philosophy and culture with  regarding to medical pluralism and the conversation about accepting varying healing modalities into mainstream healthcare.

It has become so much a part of my world that when asked last night at a social event to succinctly describe myself, I said 1/3 Spock, 1/3 McCoy, 1/3 Kirk.  (Not a Trekkie, they just captured a bit of Plato perfectly in the characters).

"not knowing the heart is the heart of not knowing" – these words came to me in meditation last night – it’s time to know the heart, that’s the heart of knowing!

My meditation teacher was famous for saying: "The heart is the hub of all sacred places.  Go there and roam."

Variations on a theme.  Knowing in different ways is part of what makes us fully human.  Healing, or better yet, wisdom, partly lies in recognizing the various channels of information that we can access, and deciding which ones to prioritize in any given moment.

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