If you wake up in the middle of the night at a certain time, it could have a specific meaning.

I got this from Marie Jones who wrote "2013," a book about what happens after 2012.

Last night I woke up and thought, "sure, 1:01, 2:02, 3:03, big deal….." I checked the clock.  The time was 2:42.

What does that mean?

I have a client who compared an interpretation of law that opposing counsel had, to UN Resolution 242 which pertains to the territorial integrity of Israel.

When I thought of it, I got "chills."  Why did I wake up at exactly 242?

The Universe is watching.  (Or as the optimist put it, the cosmos is conspiring in my favor).

And territorial integrity is important for all of us who wish to live within secure and defensible borders (even as we expand ourselves out past the Milky Way in our sleep … so long as we return at exactly 2:42).


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