A lot of people have the belief that illness is created by a faulty belief system.

In fact, that’s what I learned when I studied energy healing. 

This teaching has its place.  Belief systems can be created subconsciously, ancestrally, or in other dimensions and lifetimes.

At the same time, this kind of thinking also embeds a kind of ‘blame-the-victim’ that is unfortunately unproductive and counter-productive.  It assumes that we know exactly why something is happening here in complex, multi-variable Earth plane consciousness, or that there is a reductionistic mechanism out there in the ethers.

We really can’t accuse biomedicine of being reductionistic and magic bullet-oriented and then turn to the same simplistic pseudo-magic in our New Age philosophies.

I wrote this note to someone today:


Sorry to hear about your friend and glad you are there for him. But remember, saying that people choose their illnesses is, after all is said and done, just another belief system.

We don’t know the mind of God.

To think we do is an act of arrogance. Ego.

That’s the way I see it … I don’t want to argue it, but you will find many people uncomfortable with the notion that they have chosen illness, death, circumstances, etc. … it is a very complex subject and not reducible to a perceived truism.

I have to push back here … it may help you … and your friend. I admire your brilliance in bringing forth words of wisdom – but they carry dangers too. My book Healing at the Borderland is all about that balance, if you wish to read it – more than academic, very practical and oriented from a higher plan of consciousness as well.

The dance of immanence vs. transcendence goes very deep in the philosophical literature. The New Age community often gives it short shrift. “You create your own reality” sounds very nice but also witness God’s answer to Job.

I trust you will read this at the deepest level. Just going back to the first paragraph, you could even approach it using Byron Katie’s question – “Is that true?” How do I know it’s true?

Just a heads-up. We can discuss later.

I decided not to spend the energy discussing.  Email can stymie relationships – verbal communication is much better.  And someone might misinterpret this note as an attack, as angry, etc.  It is none of the above.  I write simply to clarify my own thought process.


Long conversation here in code.

Once again, "those who think they know, don’t know.  Those who know they don’t know, know."  Arrogance is a danger zone of using our healing super-powers.  I suppose that’s why the film Sorcerer’s Apprentice has now come out, in counterbalance to the super-intuitive infinite unbounded spaces of Avatar.  All these lessons of consciousness are being crammed into our films.

Creation is also co-creation, and since the forces with which we co-create do not operate solely on the physical plane, we cannot always name and number them and specify their exact role.

Humility is a good thing – or, as I told my friend in Whole Foods today by the apples and grapefruit, "by their fruits you will know them."


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