New photographic evidence suggests that yogic levitation is indeed possible.

Of course, meditators at the Maharishi University long have advocated the benefits of “yogic flying” during transcendental meditation to experience ultimate bliss; and anecdotal reports exist of St. Teresa of Avila levitating in Madrid as early as 1640, with other saints repeating this feat.
New evidence unearthed from obscure archives of the University of California, Haas School of Business band (“Dow Jones & the Industrials”) reveal Dow Jones, the band’s lead singer, levitating from the bliss of preparing for business school exams at Boalt Hall School of Law’s Library.dow-jones.jpg
Apparently another attorney, St. Adolphus Liguori, also levitated in Foggia, Italy in 1777, though at this point he had been called from his practice into monastic life. The field of complementary medicine is full of such mysteries, since it includes frontier medicine and spirituality. Notice the invisible guitar held by the levitating rock meditator in the photo.
When his recollection of the event was refreshed by this photograph, Joseph Cupertino, a former band-member and now prominent theoretical physicist, quickly commented: “This historical documentation of an event apparently not witnessed by any human (notice the law student in the white shirt with his head still in the large volume at the desk, behind the levitating rock yogi) is not evidence, it is merely anecodtal. We know that anti-gravity feats are impossible, although recently I have been working with the defense department on exactly such a project….” Apparently the levitation happened during a riff on “Stairway to Heaven.” Dow Jones had this to say: “That was an unusal day, and well, I had had a lot of coffee. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m glad my head didn’t hit the ceiling. Anyway, I still have dreams of flying, though presumably this occurs in my astral and not physical body. I’ll leave the explanation for the scientists; the bliss I can assure you is real.”