A week-long mystical journey in Tamil Nadu, India: transformation of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

A week ago I did not know I was coming to India to celebrate my birthday.  I went down to Scripps to give a talk on Legal Issues in Integrative Medicine: Dietary Supplements.  After the talk, I received an invitation to join a group of physicians, nurses, and healers to visit Velore where some powerful exchanges are occurring.
On one level, we are exchanging knowledge.  We visited the Sri Narayani College and School of Nursing and taught Healing Touch (a technique taught by the American Holistic Nursing Association), and are sharing information about integrative medicine and how we incorporate the best of information about nutrition and wellness care with ancient healing technologies.  But of course since we are in India, it is a mystical trip.
Here are some quick notes:

  • Meditation: golden light everywhere.
  • We did a fire ceremony last night – chanting the Vedas with the priests, shirtless and in a doti, pouring rice into the fire. Whatever suffering was left got poured into the fire.  What emerged were the primordial deities.  See them as archetypes or as forms of the divine, it doesn’t matter.  Pure love is the answer to everything. The journey to that state of consciousness is the ultimate purpose of life.
  •  Chanting purifies the heart.  It is by constantly immersing ourselves in that state of unbounded love that we create.  Through service and not through ego.
  • I am somewhat recovered though with a bronchial infection.  Too bad because I will probably miss doing energy healing at the hospital tomorrow.  I just felt overwhelmed with people and dust and vehicles and cows and dogs. 
  • Sri Ramana Mararishi was said to be realized.  I visited his ashram and they opened the little room where he "attained Nirvana."  That is a holy moment, merger with the Absolute.  My own mind thought of death on a white blanket.  I imagine he was at peace and completed his soul’s journey – big-time.  And wondered whether my thoughts should have been on Self-Realization which he attained right there.  But then, it’s so India.  A peacock was crowing and my travel companion was concerned that her flip flops had been stolen, so she had to return to our dormitory barefoot.  Plus I was hungry and the back of my throat was raw.  All I could think of was LIFE, living fully, all the things I have yet to do to experience fulfillment in this plane of reality..
  • When we become Love, we don’t need to find love, we are that and intoxicate everyone we meet.  I think that’s why the Nitayanadas and Ammas come to this plane.  To teach us that. 
  • I have connected to that great energy that this being is bringing forth, through all these temples and ceremonies.  And I’ve met some wonderful people who are living out a very fulfilling mission and mandate in bringing their knowledge, influence, wealth, and dedication to the people of India and to helping the kind of health care in which I believe to flourish on multiple continents.